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Lien solution their rumored that's the return trampoline mitigation though he talked about which is a mitigation against specter which does not require firm where updates people are gonna feel more comfortable with their firm were updated um especially hosted serving environment that's really did that did the hosted server environment is the biggest target where where you would be running some code from one customer and you'd watt isolation between it and code running on shared platforms from other customers however endusers are a there's there's some danger but boy if you've got something militias running in your own local system our own oh asses are so insecure that they don't have to bother with red polijne or or they're not to bother wit with with meltdown inspector in order to get up to two mischief in your own system the place where where we as endusers need to be on the lookout is our browsers which are constantly as we know now running code from other sources the good news is google as on this i'm sure that the mozilla is on it and microsoft is on it hardening are browsers is is really what has to happen and that's a relatively contained code base so basically it means it means using gugel very clever and publicly released rhett polijne technology on the code of the browsers so that so that no java script or web assembly code obtained from a third sort of thirdparty source can be successful but the.

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