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Got pastas in four days of the weekend. It's in the league tomorrow outright, second-leg semi fine. One one remember the camp now a place in the final at stake. According to the book as at Barcelona favorites to advance big talking points from both sides coming into this learner is the form of Louis Suarez and Veran Madrid's. The soap opera is Gareth bale at the moment. Joel's? Yeah, you're right. I think bathroom as Avin been sued dependent on on your messy, then then the moment we saw get Avia obviously, the weekend because of risks rise poor form because of continues poor form, and because of the fitness of Wisman then belly who struggling to get by to two best level as well in in the bus few weeks for Madrid the the hump that guy Van Gogh after scoring winning penalty the weekend. Again, didn't go down by where with socio also with you know, with the place and people at the crab, even Salerii of didn't sit I have so much to him. However, you can feel the atmosphere there with his baddies. He's not the best. And you wonder if he will even start tomorrow after Vichy's Benziman and Vasquez, for example. So what together you stop by Tamar? Probably no because he hasn't been stopped often came off the bench is Joe's mentioned penalty school, the winning panel saying the one in panel tip. It was clearly frustrated because he's been benched and getting stack and all the stories have been floating around with them. So he probably wouldn't start. But I think down to how Bacelona play them bellies off. I think he plays continuous. Breen struggling Suarez will play. Anyway. Try and complete his performance when it comes on one guy, and he was unbelievable again. We can't have no messy Alfonsi to go there. And one in go through simple as that if as off day ram legit win. If he puts him in Seoul performance stream satellite Madrid got no chance. Yeah. I think buffalo of absolutely favorite realm, which can reach the stage where they don't want a play home because everybody should never miss an update 'cause you've known a deal was going happen. So absolutely HANA percent have messy towns up his his best. This came goes back saloons where I ca- tutor thing that Real Madrid of the two clubs. They have the bigger issues. They bit movusu going on there than anything else. If you rule the clock back coupla weeks to the first leg where I thought it would be better the two teams and probably should've won a boss, allure know who understrength leeann messy you have chances to win it. And you don't tell you that opportunity you do. Wait for mass defying the kind of form that he just he just did on the weekend. Invite him to the about expect anything else, I think bossa go through coastal excellent record. And there's competition that looking to continue this accident straight win it once again, and we'll find out tomorrow whether or not that took place in the final why they could make it five wins in a row. Family matches three no victory over Cardiff me. Well, how does failed surprise? What was by one goals? New call so beat Burnley to now unless the city when they to on victory over Brighton and in the stands dresses name manager, Brendan Rodgers who quit sounding today to take up at last was thanks the weekend talk about Craig on both sides of the border. Brennan raja's. This is a step up. Premier league. Stay Paul, Scott uninvited. Got themselves. Good manager, but on tempted to club shelter, much begging a club. But unfortunately, the financial situation in Scotland the moment means that, you know. Barring disaster over the last few years, he's managed sale to easiest time to win the titles. There's no there's no getting away from them. So I think is the challenge. But also, I think from the Celtics support us point of view is has rhetoric. He's talked about how what she loves us club dream job. And all that and they've bought that. And most of his no that was you'd be first this opportunity he was going to jump ship and go by sanguine, the many of us been can you have an obstacle or a day and affect for upset. Celtic fans, though is and it's midtable less two sets..

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