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Think I could do things that I used to do anymore along with Marshall on the hawks are filling out their depleted backfield with another former sea hawk Robert Turbin Corwin hake komo news and you know Marshawn Lynch is a savvy businessman off the field market tourney Josh Qurban says on Twitter Lynch has just trademark the expression beast quake the filing was made with the United States patent and trademark office on December seventeenth just days before marshon re signed with the Seattle Seahawks during says the application reveals Lynch plans to apply the name beast quake to a clothing line in non alcoholic drinks family deputy county deputy Cooper Dawson is speaking with reporters in a matter of moments he died in the line of duty over the weekend at us that he will be honored at Monday at a service at the Tacoma dome meanwhile police worry Christmas will bring an increase in domestic violence calls was on his way to help two deputies or in a domestic violence fight with Jimmy sees Craver reportedly was assaulting his young disabled sister said tasers and CS gas didn't work and Craver was able to get a choke hold on the canine unit the dog survived the arrest eventually made in one million dollars bail set that was Saturday and then Sunday another domestic violence call for the first county sheriff's deputies say the man pointed a gun at them I tried to run them over several times before deputy shot and wounded him police say DV calls go up at this time of year people who.

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