Bill Dwyer, Arthur Ream, FBI discussed on America's Morning News


The nineteen ninetysix killing of a detroit area girl could be responsible for coldcase slayings of other girls reported missing decades ago warren police commissioner bill dwyer told reporters wednesday that investigators suspect sixty nine year old arthur ream is a series killer the fbi and other agencies are digging in a forest for the remains of little kimberly king was only twelve years old when she reported missing i'm september fifteenth nineteen seventynine we do have is you know probable cause to believe that this is a gravesite question about it that kimberly king and other young female victims were murdered are period here and that's why we're going to put a lot of time and effort into it and we believe we have a suspect in you know who that suspect is it's already been convicted he's in prison we were hoping that would get more cooperation from him we're going to do our jobs for as long the searched last up to two three four five days whatever it takes to do it the suspect in this case also did brag about murdering forty six people inmates worries me always he did was interviewed several times by detectives trump the firemen he didn't flunked polygraph tests and the investigation is really just as fine remains it's been reported very cautiously optimistic fortunately mine remains the key issue here is part of what we're trying to do we're trying to bring friend told you to the families families of the victims esa key here rain was convicted in two thousand eight in the slaying of thirteen year old cindy zarzusky who was last seen in nineteen eighty six after his conviction led police to her remains in the same wooded area northeast of detroit where investigators are now digging for others nbc's internal investigation following matt lowers firing says it doesn't believe there's a culture of sexual harassment at the news division and that current executives were not aware of the former today show anchors behavior until the complaint that doomed him nbc universals general counsel conducted the probe the report was primarily centered around lower with no specific complaints about others even discussed there was no mention of a former nbc news employees accusation last month that former nightly news anchor tom brokaw made unwanted advances on her which he's denied despite releasing the report publicly nbc was criticized for not allowing outsiders to look at its practices some suggested it damages the.

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