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Forty two days you the people we the people you are the ultimate jury you will decide if you shock the world again love the numbers that came out of super Tuesday the big untold story as we have been telling you we've got a lot to get to today including I got a deal with the issue of corona but as I know some of you are getting panicked I see it I I can hear it even friends of mine conservatives get all panic worked up and not that you should not always be judicious and cautious and smart and always always you know if you have to make it you always go to the side of caution well you be careful but there's some perspective that is really out of whack here and I I think that first of all we're so lucky to have the greatest world's researcher rob medical researchers and scientists and doctors I mean these people are phenomenal we're so blessed they have done so much made so much progress to prolong life to save people from dying from diseases they would have died of it was that death sentence years ago and the advancement with treatment and heart procedures and and transplants and everything else is the bare mazing people I will get to that perspective today also warn Hillary Clinton will be deposed under oath we have a judge ordering that she must do that with judicial watch in their freedom of information act request we'll check in with Tom Fitton on the latest would that Gregg Jarrett senator Ron Johnson I know they don't want it a lot of things liberals would like you to ignore as it relates to Joe Biden Joe Biden his gaffes Joe Biden with no energy Joe Biden doesn't seem to have the strength the stamina of the accu men even the alertness to be president the toughest job in the world they like you never to talk about that now I think the American people are talking about it whether they like it or not it's not to be a look of this Bernie Sanders is a year older than Joe Biden I'm just trying to be fair here Bernie Sanders doesn't have any problem with stamina or strength or alertness or you know this get these gaffes I mean it's one after another and it just you could see I I just I look at bite when he left office where he is today there's a dramatic difference just an observation I'm Hey look we all age differently is not as not against anybody I don't wish any ill on anybody but we're talking about the most important job the hardest job in the world and we've got a look at everything they don't want to talk about the recent holdings and the real investigation that Ukraine is now conducting we'll get an update on what the Senate is doing senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin joins us today he'll update us on that and I will have the latest on Chuck Schumer I know you know I know that maybe some people are hoping for more dramatic drops in the stock market I know that makes look stock market is always jittery how many times prior do you know to those recent correction and they're all predictable these corrections that I say well that's not my barometer in terms of the health of the economy fundamentals of any economy I find it too speculative for me I think the stock market is fine any good financial adviser they will show you over any period of time that if you don't need the money usually the rule is for ten years it's safe to put it in the market don't think about it don't get excited when it's high don't get too low what if it if it makes an adjustment one of the fundamentals of the economy mold those fundamentals are particularly strong and we just got the latest data updated from December and January also and it is phenomenal there's no there's no the morning this morning's unemployment rate and I know like bill Maher says it probably others think it's just my guess they hate Donald Trump so much they want things to go horribly wrong so that that would result in him losing in two hundred forty two days that's a sad sorry state of affairs how many times I said you name one thing if you want to call in will open online eight hundred nine four one shop one of the Democrats done to keep us more safe and more secure what are they really done a whole lot all right I'll give them credit they funded the monies that the that are going to be necessary for corona all right all right I'll take that thank you and whatever but the president was clear in the beginning and when the president was putting in place a travel ban and instituting a quarantine which hadn't been done for decades what were they doing they're doing their latest which sucks that was the middle of the impeachment first the impeachment urgently needs to be done so we can go on vacation for weeks and then come back and devote the entire month and then stop at the U. S. Senate with the witch hunt trial which had a predetermined outcome well all while ignoring quid pro quo gel which is the again they want to ignore Joe Biden on very small real investigations going on on the gaps that are getting scary reseller revenues that were created by the goal you know the you know the thing my goal you know with the thing the thing you know the thing by go you know the thing thing being god almighty there I believe with every ounce of my being that there is a god that created the heavens and the earth and that you will you Bob magnitude of majesty we can not even begin to comprehend and science shows those universes now that are living within universes within universes seemingly with no way and I mean it just it there's a bank one day and okay just came together perfectly universes within universes in the sun and the stars in the sky is the planets and all just happened no didn't just happen well my my old question is two people that say there's no Goddard made his arm where does the energy come from because the BJP is you have to actually believe that something can come from nothing but I digress so the one thing is they have to go bad for them to win they did so they they want bill Maher's I want a recession wow that's pretty sick right Josh the fed cutting rates now just going to make the next economic downturn worse what's your prediction I've been hoping for a recession people hate me for it but yeah it would get rid of problems so you should make before I mean recessions are really bad people lose their jobs and I know when we should wage war I know but I don't care I hate I hate trump more and it's just like all right the stock market makes a normal correction same thing or you know the stock market's a generally jittery I personally there they can take a leave the stock market been that way have argued with financial advisors for years over this up but it's usually true ten years if you haven't you can touch it leave it then your money will be usually as proven okay gross but if you look at it every day you play it every day forget it you're going to drive yourself nuts that's that's what I believe anyway but now the fundamentals the economy the things that I look at a very different I look at for example this morning we now have the labor department reporting U. S. economy added two hundred and seventy three thousand new jobs for the month of February the unemployment rate went down three point five percent its lowest level in more than fifty years oh boy I where I thought we had corralled in January and all through February will what happened you know this is a certain mindset though actually tell you is that outlook look even if we get to the point I am would kind of bet that there's a lot like H. one N. one is gonna be a pandemic and you know there might be periods of time schools close telemarketing and all that stuff technologies taken so far that's not gonna hurt the economy people traveling less might hurt the airline sector a little bit but it's certainly going to mean people spend more money at home they're not gonna stop spending money they plan on traveling to say Italy and they cancel that vacation they're probably going to go to Florida or California or New York or wherever the traveling till I advise against New York just a thought but it was two hundred seventy three thousand new jobs the lowest unemployment in fifty years the best month since may of twenty eighteen January and February gains for the unemployment rate the best since may of twenty eighteen a condom is surveyed by Dow Jones they had been looking for payroll growth at a hundred and seventy five thousand and a three point five percent job level well they exceeded that by ninety eight thousand average hourly earnings up three percent over the past year in line with really healthy economic metrics average work week considered a key measure of productivity that's up sick you know the thirty four point four hours I don't know these people that were thirty four point four hours if that's you god bless you I can't imagine such a life it would be fun more good news the previous two months their estimates were revised upwards by a total of eighty five thousand December job creation went from an original estimate of a hundred and forty seven thousand to one hundred and eighty four thousand January two hundred and twenty five thousand to two hundred and seventy three thousand which makes January and February the best two months since may of twenty eighteen and those revisions brought the three month average to a robust two hundred and forty three thousand jobs an average monthly gain that's already put two thousand and twenty N. we had a great year and twenty nineteen it was only a hundred and seventy eight thousand that is significantly higher and it takes on particularly more important says everybody was worried all through February what is the economic impact of coronavirus and things slow down because of impeachment and most and usually there's a job fall off after the hiring season in December because you have those temporary jobs that retailers and others you know they hire people to stamps and then they're done by the end of the year so these indicators thus far shown with little damage jobless claims as well they remain within their trend of two hundred sixteen thousand latest reading job placement firm challenger gray and Christmas they reported Thursday the planned layoffs actually fell sixteen percent from January and our key readings on both manufacturing and services show companies still plan to hire by the way the new trade deal with China for two hundred twenty five billion has not gone into effect until January we have yet to feel the impact of that we're still big at the beginning infancy stages of all the jobs career paying high paying jobs in the energy sector keystone XL Dakota pipeline and war on natural gas production it's all growing and we're we're in the infancy stages here I mean that's why it's a two hundred forty two days means everything because that's where that's where wealth for the American people is that that will be the hub of it the vast resources of energy that we have available to us in this country for the first time in seventy five years we are energy independent and a net exporter of energy we have only begun to tap tiny quantities of what is available now to us especially with new technologies where we can like microwave shale oil and and.

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