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And activate the homing Beacon and slurm will find its way into your mouth regularly until you either pass out or be in screaming. Please avoid coming into close contact with any other slum consumers as your bodies will meld into a horrifying single unit. Slum. The ghastliest way to cook. Now it's time for your film section because this is a cultural magazine, a man is planning on missing the birth of his child to see the new Batman film with Robert Pattinson, Tim Stevenson, you have a man. I don't also have a Robert Pattinson yet. So apparently this is a story from IndieWire, a man is not going to be attending the birth of his child to see The Batman, that kind of sounds like you're taking the pierce. I'm going to see The Batman. But this is men doing stupid shit news. It's like our second story of men doing stupid shit. So apparently at first appeared on the am I the asshole thread on Reddit, where a woman came on and said, am I the asshole for thinking that my partner should show up to the birth of our child instead of going to see fat man? He said that he needed to see at the same day because of spoilers. What about the sex of your kid? Isn't that a spoiler alert? It's not a cape crusader, but everyone else is going to know before you. Do you know what else is going to be at least two hours and 44 minutes long and incredibly emotional? The birth of your child and it's obviously too late for this woman to back out of having a kid with this asshole. Like I can't work it out. I don't understand what the logic is. Maybe did his wife had COVID and then he thinks she had sex with a bat? Is this some kind of revenge plot? I don't know what's going on. But I will say this when I was born, I've heard the story from my mom about the trauma of when I was born and apparently my dad turned up after my mom had already had me and was receiving blood transfusions, multiple blood transfusions, and apparently he came in and declared that's a lot of claret..

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