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Sunny, gray. Great. Excited GIO Gonzalez. How is he still out? No, he has not thirty two thirty three. Oh, my three years old. Is that a very solid career? And he kills it at city. Like, I said it just having him not. Richard against the Mets. I get that. But still no last year ten eleven four to one made all thirty two starts. And that's what I love. He goes. I Don the year before that. Fifty nine. Signed him. See that's, but I think that's the kind of move. They would make Justin Wilson not that GIO Gonzalez asked move. But they brought in a veteran left and right, and now they could go into their opening day roster with two quality handed relievers in Lewis Avalon, and obviously Justin rotation that would be an excited, you cited how much money is he truly gonna get in this market at this point. We're sitting here in late January Dallas kaikal is still out. No, I understand Jeremy headaches and who also fits that mold. I know that's not going to. Jio Gonzales because I know GIO Gonzalez knows the division. I know we can pitch at city field. I'm done. Let's go. Disagreeing with you. And the thing that he also has over Jeremy, Alex is that he goes out, and he starts right five days. Right. So that would be the move. I'd add look we we all understand that not getting out. Deller move. All right. Good. That's a big endorsement. I like the move. I didn't think it would not to me. It's a no brainer. Plus you talking about yoga is the foot starter. The fifth starter. I don't know about that. I mean, he's okay. But he's the fourth or fifth starter. And you kidding me? How much money you get in the open market. Earning be Bob beyond bias. What does he can't say right now, we don't know the market is okay. The second best pitcher available after kaikal. Right. So you think that one's kaikal science will actually get too much for the Mets price, tag, probably? I mean, I can't say too much. We could be at spring training. These guys aren't signed, right. Yeah. You know, the weird part about that whole thing is it's probably gonna suck to Anna a pitcher right before spring training. Right. It's gonna it's not gonna pitches. Well, like we've seen that with that said, he's still a guy that just makes you better. I think the Mets have enough starting pitching depth. That's my is tissue with this team. Again, GIO Gonzalez as the fourth or fifth starter. It's a no brainer sold Stephen Malibu, California. Steve my God. Steve, how are you? I knew you were going ask Steve now. Uh-huh. There surf in a little bit of something. Yeah. I just got up this morning surf got done. Did you linger? God bless you. Steve. Guys. Thanks for calling. Oh my God. Now. Yeah. I know I'm sorry. That's the only place. The bomb. No one's going to bomb. Whatever. Malibu. Okay. Two questions first of all whole number one. Hopefully, okay. Second question. Why didn't Sean Payton just take off about ridiculous? Call. Take on us. We got a caller let's week. We're together. Let's go out to win this game. Instead of just like keep blowing coaching. Coach. Why don't you bring guys together for a moment? Let the world see what you're doing. What's going on with the? So after the non-call just. Say but think about it. The non Cole was on third down. So the next play Iran was kicking a field there. And so you had time to talk to your defense, which has nothing to do with that play and say, our guys, you got a three point lead goes stop, right, right? So I don't know what you're really looking for their now. Michael Irvin said something interesting and jumped out of that's what I was thinking to Michael Irvin. Said Irvine admitted jumped out of Dover was talking to my you're saying he listened to this this. This would really affect you that Evan was say. Of course, it offensive that affected the team. And of course, I could see it affected him. I'm not saying it shouldn't or it didn't. But they had a chance to win the guy I understand. But I could see where would knock you off kilter. I could see where it would especially at that point in the game. There's not a lot of time to recover. Now. It didn't happen in the first quarter. If what do you mean talented move past? Well, it's a winter easy to say out the plane in game in and seeing what what's the mental aspect? That's going on in your head. Now. Lawrence Taylor getting down got a bad. Call. Towns the greatest of all time. Example too tough guy too. Games. Again. I don't know. How did they never were in that position? Where you could say something like that. I don't know. It's easy to say hypotheticals. It really is until you're faced with the situation. I don't know look they had three different opportunities to win this game. Anyway, number one. Stop the Rams from kick in a game tying field goal. Number two in overtime score a touchdown in the game. And number three. Once the Rams got the ball, turn them over at that point. They almost had to turn them over because they had pretty good field. Right. Right. And they missed that all three opportunities. I'm not sure Sean Payton talking to the team had anything to do with it. Because he did have a chance to talk to his team. Remember that penalty occurred on third down. The field goal is hit. Luckily was hit. Well, he made it at least right then. And we all know what happened this season. And this Hooper bowl. Maybe I'm wrong about the Super Bowl. But I think that play is going to be our memory. Of course, this season states. The biggest moment season. I I agree with you. And even though the saints aren't playing in the Super Bowl. I think it's going to hang over the game a little bit too because we're gonna be thinking about how the saints should be there in the ramp shouldn't be here. I agree. Quick break, and we'll come back with more your calls. 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