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To the weather or a over parts of north Mississippi and also eastern portions of West Tennessee impacted too by the wintry weather will have another traffic update coming up in a few moments on Memphis morning news but in the meantime we turn our attention to business what is happening around the mid south and joining us well no but a person to tell us about it then the managing editor of Memphis business journal we say good morning to our friend Meghan Nichols Hey Megan good morning how are you good happy Friday to them thank you so much easy to get into work today using my maxed out credit cards from Christmas just use that as a windshield scraper and here we are to talk about hopefully some warmer weather soon I know folks love water parks and sounds like maybe one coming to the region yes it's kind of a big story this week we found out that great wolf lodge which is the water park chain they have locations across the U. S. as well as Canada they are apparently I in Jackson Tennessee for potential location we spoke to the Jackson chambers president he said the deal was not finalized but they are on that path to an agreement and if that development comes to fruition that is estimated to be about a hundred and fifty million dollar investment they would create five hundred jobs so in addition to the actual water park this whole resort had the hotel restaurant various entertainment amenities to go along with that but this would also be about five hundred thousand annual visitors that they would expect to come to this water parks is still a long ways to go on this but they are hoping to get construction started on that in the second quarter of twenty twenty one that is interesting I wonder if they're looking at putting that just simply between the Memphis in the Nashville metro areas and I don't know I guess maybe I guess parts of northern or southern Kentucky would probably draw from that as well it's an interesting location though that's exactly what they're looking at they draw from about three hours away from wherever they are I think it's a very strategic placement there in Jackson all right so we talked about that we talked about West Tennessee any more development happening maybe a little bit closer to Memphis yeah so we have a couple of downtown things happening so historic hunt Phelan estate on Beale street they actually have a new owner so big river partners which that's the development group behind the massive future union road downtown development they actually purchased the hunt Phelan house so one of those developers said kind of all options were still on the table for what they might do with that property but they have previously presented some plans that showed that they would build apartment buildings around that a state but we're gonna have to kind of wait to see how the hunt Phelan house gets incorporated into those larger plans but just as a little kind of fun number saying that how bought for one point six five million in twenty fifteen it just sold for five point two five million not a bad payday for the previous owner no no no not at all I staying downtown I saw something where I guess an existing hotels as Sheraton may be looking to add on just because of what's expected around the pension area and the convention center yeah exactly so the owners of the downtown at the Sheraton they are proposing a massive editions of those plans call for a more than three hundred room addition as well as ten million dollars just an upgrade to the existing six hundred grams that they have so they are asking for a thirty year property tax break as part of that but you said you know this year than in the catch the convention center so it's really important that that gets updated as you know the dimensions that are right now is undergoing its own you know two hundred plus million dollar renovation so still waiting on that actually have to get a lot of approval but they would want to start construction on the renovations within the next couple years and then have that massive edition down by twenty twenty five so we'll keep an eye on all of that that sounds like that might be a license to print money for them once that renovation of the convention center comes of it sounds like that might be smart money ten million that they'll they'll get that back and then some I would suspect sure yeah all right let's see got a couple minutes to any food news to squeeze in this morning I do have some through man's but this week it is a closure SO elemento pizza they announce that they are going to be shutting down their crosstown concourse location and that was to take place February sixteenth however crosstown concourse representative said that they are already in talks with the potential new tenants and they hope to back fill that this brings the little silver lining there but element of people that will be closing later this month well goodness okay so there's your food news what's what else is coming up in the Memphis business journal what have you got so I recently sat down with the new president and CEO of FedEx custom critical at Ramona hood and her appointment to that role actually marks the first time in the history of fat acts than African American woman has run a FedEx operating company so you can see that conversation and a whole lot more at Memphis business journal dot com that sounds good looking forward to it Hey I saw you on the news the other day you're you're you're you're like super famous now perhaps you know I don't know I thank you thank you for Sloman with us and come in on on all the multimedia boxes thank you are you calling the checked radio one are you podcasting too I would suspect you're probably everywhere the one thing I haven't done yet you might have to help me with that okay we will we will definitely work on that Meghan Nichols follow her at M. B. J. nickel she's here she's there she's everywhere she is the managing editor of the Memphis business journal Meghan thanks so much for your time and looking forward to talking to you again real real soon have a great weekend you take them one of my all time favorite people in the show Meghan Nichols and catch the Memphis business journal for sure and stay ahead of the curve on what's happening around town I promise you it may not it may not technically raise your I. Q. but you'll you'll seem smarter to everybody else around you that is for sure seven fifty one tomorrow university Memphis tiger basketball on the air that starts at three o'clock with the tip off but the actual beginning of all the fun and festivities is it too with the pre game show tiger sticking on South Florida tomorrow and they're going for four in a row and only game out of first American athletic conference so is some opportunity perhaps to make some ground tomorrow given some other results across the league we'll keep our fingers crossed but Jeff right we'll get you on the air tomorrow starting at two o'clock right here on six hundred W. R. E. C. N. ninety two point one FM thirty degrees right now wind chill of twenty five sort of county schools running on a two hour delay north port north point easy for me to say Christian schools running on a one hour delay hardamon McNary hard in counties are closed today.

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