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But that was way back in twenty fifteen periscope is the live streaming service that works on twitter and it began as a project headed by cave on bic poor then executive at blackboard mo mobile and joe bernstein they founded periscope in february twenty fourteen and bake bake poor met with jack dorsey of twitter and soon twitter made an offer to bypass go p estimates for that offer range from seventy five million dollars to a hundred million dollars twitter acquired periscope in january twenty fifteen and the app itself was still enclosed beta at that time periscope and twitter ended up killing a competing service called mere cat which launched in february twenty fifteen the paris coop service is still active today and you can livestream straight from twitter i've done it a few times myself although not recently it's a very convenient way to do it you just use your mobile phone and you use the cameras on the mobile phone you can use the ford facing or back facing cameras works on i o s and on android and it's kind of a fun way to connect with people while you are live at some event or some some location next all chat quickly about discord jason citron a game development studio founder was frustrated that there was not really a good voice over internet protocol tool set that worked well for gamers because some games incorporate voice chat services and others don't and some of the ones that do have lousy implementations or they have features that you might not like so for example there might be a game where you can chat using a component within the game but if you do then other people who aren't on your team can also hear you sometimes it's a proximity thing so let's say you're playing a squad based action game and you want to be able to coordinate with your teammates but you don't want someone on the other team to hear what you're up to and you use the tools in the game.

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