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These motherfuckers going to act like they can't complete this job because of the pandemic outside 'cause i feel like once i moved to new york. It was like our best were offering. You always gotta be in some ship like new york just feels very much like that like You wake up in the morning is noise you get on the train. It's noisy going offices stuffy. You wake up in these small apartments or whatever like. She's very much well when i was back in. That shit was like like it was just little things you flooring me that i just remember here when i was younger in atlanta like i remember meeting people from like kids era an antidote. I remember meeting people just like wow and atlanta. Y'all got trees down here. Like i was like what but living in new york. I see why people appreciate them. Trees new york this one tree here there but in atlanta before on parks where it could be a a parking garage or a multi level building. But i just love the fact that everybody had this moment to be quiet in be introspective. So they weren't necessarily worried about what everybody else was doing. So i feel like there was a lot less pressure. Just like overall i feel like because pressure was removed It released a new york city pressure which released like a spiritual pressure for me. Which kind of Help release An anxiety pressure for me. 'cause even go into the studio was kind of like It was cool to be in the studio which are but like even kind of waiting around in that outside space and all that stuff was not getting zion. It made me a little nervous. I was always nervous especially at the first studio was recording. Us never know who you're going to see whether it was somebody new or just some gang sheared or just some just full anyway. Like but being at home. I've been able to really like center myself and i'm able to make myself some damn t- before i record what you guys. I mean to set it up myself if something goes wrong. It's my damn fault so we got gotta sit there while they change and all them damn machines and we just like all right well. That's something do right after this. Like what the fuck is easier for you to kind of it's easier for me to kind of Move and think. And just be and as an adult. I haven't reached that level yet. Like or it's been so long since i've been able to say i haven't reached this level and so to be at this level. I'm still saying i haven't reached his level. Yeah so it was even heart to take this look at myself. Damn you are a whole human being like you can actually take care of yourself and like i said early fall on your two feet even in the pandemic so like i know like you laughing in the beginning and you weren't meaning anything by making this light but like for me. This is such a. I want to have a great light conversation about kind of how the years been. Because there's so much dark happened but you know we got this new president. And i know people are filling this rejuvenation so i wanted to ask the rejuvenation. I wanna take a look back at all the bullshit that we've had over the past year but also all the great things that have happened over over the past year in case we have to experience this pandemic or you know the quarantine for another three six months twelve months two months a year. Five ten fifteen twenty s anyway. Sorry that was just down. I just really wanted to be able to kind of look at what things that we have. I don't wanna say prospered from. But the themes that of stuck out to us that we were able to grow from over the past year and see Those patterns so we can make those connections for next year. Because i don't want us to be all down out as we continue into this pandemic some people are still holding onto those ideas of what they thought they would be doing this year by there are still some people running around saying like man before this happened. I was about to be number. One like number was so. Now you're figuring out like whoa you're about to be a number one but you can sit back and look. What did you really want to be number one in this or we just doing this for whatever reason and you really get to take time to choose how you want to move forward so i wanted to have this great conversation with you all about you know just being great because even though some shitty times we all just have to be great and being graded on their silly mean be happy but you know you just gotta be able to look at look inside so you could survive out. And that's really. I mean if you got some remarks. I want to add to this hot button. That would be appreciated but also not necessary friend Last thing are under. The sad guesses is also been cool to see the innovation that has come out of this year especially with creative's black creatives at the top of the kahalani filmed her music via has like remember. It was a video for toxic and it was so cool to see and even just the award shows where we were like. What are they gonna watch shows. There's the audience. And i personally feel that the ward shows are better this way because there's a lot more creativity put into it. It's not just the artist standing on a stage during the same. Oh to step like they actually had to create a scene of vision an almost like old school music videos. They have budgets because they didn't have to use that budget for the stage. You know like just a lot that was able to be allocated differently. And i think it was to our advantage because the creativity this year has been amazing to see all the apps. You know now even the even The tv shows like seeing how you know on zoom like how they they have to create this new structure now with everyone's in their fucking living room you know. So i don't know i. I think the most exciting part is seeing how people pivot when they don't have access to their usual day-to-day resources Very well said dustin. I think one of the best things come out of this year was cocktails queens fox. All enjoy them. Shot out to my friend claudia jordan. She is the host of a panel. Talk show that she created on fox all she has her own show on their card out loud with claudia jordan but she also has a show called cocktails with queens. That comes on monday. Nights is claudia. Jordan selena johnson. Another friend of mine. Who's a great person. lisa array and vivica a fox in the four of them sit up and literally taught cash shit about what they want. Yes and they have some great guests on there and just hearing their perspectives is really really interesting. So south to the cocktails or queens on fox. Because i have really been known to shit at lisa right went off from arthur brat. Going on there. But you know that's family business. You gotta stay up shit and also shuttled to angelique. She announced a new show on Fox all is well card established with angelie interview based series..

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