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This is something that Pat actually brought to my toe. Look, I can actually do work sometimes said like actually contribute something to the show. This is the shift with Derek Fogel and Patrick MacLellan. Follows not here tonight. I am outings. God, I love it. I'm glad to be here. Great. I'm glad to be here. We don't know where Fogel is. He might be back next week. He might not want to wait and see he's on a river cruise. He's in Cincinnati on a riverboat casino. Those are fun. He's in Kansas City, right city. A trash told you where he's going. He told me his in the mid west that's offensive to me, it's home. But where is home really though? I don't really know. What's hard is? Sometimes he says Chicago sometimes he says Kansas City. I know it's not Chicago because he doesn't love love the cubs. Like, you do when I see it in his heart. I look in his eyes. And he's like, I don't care. He's in different. And that's no cub fan is indifferent. It's true. Those are only SOX fans. Yeah. They're crooks. They're all just crooks. Cub fans are just unbearable. It's easy. It's bad. I've learned I've learned the cub fans, I know personally are great the one. Stadium are the worst. And it's like, okay, cool. We get it. You have Sammy Sosa jersey, you love whatever I went to a to a cubs game was senior in college. And they're playing the Pittsburgh Pirates. And I bought a Pittsburgh Pirates. I could root against now. See I I respect that. That's something. I do I respect that's pretty tight some girls sloppy. You know, what I really hate? When people go on vacations, and they buy the gear of that team like where at Fenway, and they buy all you better take that cubs hat off. If you're an Astros fan, but people do that. And it really bugs me, I I think I might still have the pirate tat somewhere. It's been pirates at I actually have cool hats, they were that. They've always had Kool gold is is. I mean, they do that for every team in Pittsburgh. It's very cool. Actually, I love that. Yeah. I like the one they did with they had the red Bill road. Pittsburgh got a little cute with their. Little color. They had was. Yeah. They had the road jerseys that had the they were the grade the black pinstriped, I thought those were okay. In the pit those colors. I if you mess uniform it's on you will they haven't messed them up. Now, they have gotten them right to the in Pittsburgh. Berg just a slightly better. Cleveland? I've never been. I've been to Cleveland now PNC great everything else. I'd like to go there. The steel city. Oh, that's not good. We'll speaking of Pittsburgh iron town. Okay. Let's talk about Pittsburgh. Derek Cole came over from the pirates. And he pitched very well today. He went six innings and gave up just the one run as the ASTRO's beat the Orioles. So we're gonna do we are going to go through the Astros active roster as it stands now. Okay. And you're going to tell me Pat, should this guy be on the playoff roster or should he be left off the playoff roster for game one against the Indians on Friday. Okay. So we're going to start with Garrett Cole. Ooh, that's a tough one. That's a toss up. I, you know, I don't talk very he talks very similarly to Charlie day from always sunny. Actually, I I consider that a positive. Let's put him on. All right. So Garrett Cole on the playoff roster health tough deeds. I don't know who that is get outta here. Kristie Vince, I do know who that is. But he's not on the roster. Chris Vince key? That's a bubble person. I personally put him on. Okay. Raymond, gordon. I never know how to say that name who on great beard. It's he looks like he taped on a beard to be ABRAHAM LINCOLN in kindergarten play. But no, he's on my. We'll harris. I don't put him. No. Okay. Josh james. Absolutely look at those dimples. Would you believe those dimples off I mostly like miles an hour. Well that to Dallas kaikal. Ooh, another another toss up. I'm gonna I'm gonna put him on this time, Lance mccullers absolutely column. Mchugh? Absolutely, Charlie Morton. Yes. Roberto Osuna, of course, Brad peacock on the bubble. I don't know. I'm gonna have to suck circle back suckle cooler Patrick. Yeah. Circle. Back to that one Peres to looks too much. Like an Egyptian leave him off Ryan Presley. Yes. Hector Don who that's he's going to be on it? But I personally would rather him not be put him on the bubble as well. Okay. So that's the peacock Ron Don column. Tony sip. Absolutely. By the way, great bounceback year. What a what a year he's had. I mean, he was a leap two years ago. He was an all star. And he's been garbage. Well, he's been extremely bad. But he has had an incredible year. There's he's he's very important in. I absolutely want him on the postseason roster. And he's done it in a contract year. So good for him shelter that Joe Smith. He's been so good this year. He's a bubble guy for me. He's been so good is tough. I don't I I don't know bubble as well. Okay. From revealed as I. I would like him on. I don't think he'll be on. I don't know what that leaves that. I'll put them in the bubble column. Tight Justin Berlin. Nope. If there's one guy don't want on. It's that guy. All right. So we've gone through the pitchers and we figure that the Astros will carry eleven patriots on the playoff roster. So y. Five six seven eight nine ten you have eleven guys that are on there already. So you have. So if we're saying that they're going to have a loving guys eleven pitchers on the roster. You have a Lebanon, they're already which means that you have peacock Ron Don Smith in Fromberg all Dez they were on your bubble. And they are off. So let's let's say I mean, I can't I'm trying to. Yeah. That's cool. So other guys I'm going to go back through once again. The eleven guys that you have on. You have any second thoughts. Cole. Yeah. I'm gonna go through there. No. I there's not one person on there that I am. Ron Ron and interesting one, but he's going to be on the roster. So I don't even know why I'm going to bring it up. Now, I'm good with that. And there's some good players are getting left off. Just is what it is. So let's run Rondos. Probably gonna be on the roster. Yeah. We only think that they're gonna have eleven so I guess da Vinci's the guy that you say he's probably going to be on the playoff roster. I I think the Venzke is. I think I don't I really I don't think he's been good. But he hasn't been but his stuff is so good his as somebody. That's the kind of stuff. I want pitching you want him pitching. Or do you want? We'll Harris pitching that circles. He's been hurt and stuff, and he hasn't been he hasn't been great. But he he has the stuff that and he and he he didn't pitch great. Okay. Last year. But he has experience. I there's something to be said for that as well as for people that were did pitch. And that's what's tough for peacock because he didn't really do anything wrong. I assume that there's too many people in that role. And I assume that Davinci will pitch at some point over these last three games against the Orioles that could decide whether or not he makes the playoff roster. That sucks, and you wonder too would the Astros pick him on back to back days to make sure that he can do that. Because they might not. I don't know when the last time that he pitched back to back days was, but if you're gonna pitch in the playoffs a lot of times you have to be able to pitch him back to back games. They might that might be something you have three games. He's but he's a guy that can do that. But you want to see if he can do it effectively right now because you're only as good as you your last outing. But is that true? Is that I understand it. But does that mean something to be said for what you've done to sweet inbetween? Because. Yeah, if you're not good lately, you're like us. But it just like we said with Korea. He hasn't done anything for a very long time. You still want him at the plate. But the thing is now Rondo I want him pitching. No. I do not there are there. Are there? Other guys though, like, that's there's so much depth on this staff right now where you say, you know, what this guy hasn't been that good. Even though he's been good in the past. We have other guys that we feel right now that could be better. Right. And so you look at it and Ron Don those guys have been better. I think that you've been very good this year. Yeah. It's tough. Yeah. Who who who would you say it's been better, Joe Smith, Hector unknown or Christophe ranked Joe Smith Joe Smith had the best season by far. Okay. Who had the second best season. I would. That's a tough. I don't think I would say don't have the second season. I don't trust him by any stretch. He probably did he probably did. So now, you're going into the guy that has been here that has been that has done it with us before. Yeah. That's the. There's there too limited a numbers that I don't think that that's just that's tough. I mean, you got even position players though with this tough. Well, we're going to get into position rosters are dumb. Let's in the sport. Let's do position players right now. Okay. Tight. Evan got us. Of course. Martine maldonado. Yeah. Brian mccann. Yes. Max sassy. Nope. Let me ask you. I I love Maxwell Maxwell stat. Next coffee Stacy's is full name. But yeah, no there's like seventeen catches on who's your number one catcher Martin Martine Maldonado. He's catcher for game one. And Bryan McCain's you're lovable mentor in the dugout looks friendly Jose altuve may we'll go ahead, and Adam what about Alex bregman? That is a toss up. I am going to go ahead and take a flyer and let him be on the broader for sure Carlos Correa. Nope. Go to beat the Yankees shortstop. Yes. He's on. Okay. What a double check JD Davis. Nope. Yuli gurriel. Absolutely Tyler white. What a hero. Yes. Marla gonzales. Yep. Tony kemp. Yep. Marizzio? He's going to be I feel like he's going to be for his defense and base running. But I don't know I'm trying to I'm trying to the numbers game in my head right now in the math is not my strong food of truth be told I don't like math very much. No, tucker. No straw. How many is that? So we have eleven position players, and we have rhetoric in Springer that we have not gotten to which means we have one more. So wait. So who have to pick between one more spot, you have miles straw, Kyle Tucker, I you put mall strong because of the speed he'll be the new Derek Fisher. So, but here's the thing. I thought basically mild spells his name. But that's neither here nor there. M y I'm a broadcast from the Rockies organization. They have a guy in their system who spell his name is miles. He spells it with his ESPN. Now, see that's tight. Everybody knows. If you put a Zee on anything, it's infinitely cooler m y l z like like people say drugs if you put zeal, and it's like, yeah. Drugs are cool the Orem. Owls o w l z though. They're not cool. Yeah. That just yeah. There's something about that. The little it's trying a little too hard doesn't make me as mad as as as Chris Davis's stupid h in his name, but other than that. But I don't like I don't like the K. But I don't wanna I hate the K, but the H is more. It's just a very infuriating for me. So mile straw on the playoff. Yeah. I think he's a he's an you. Put the pinch Ron small ball. He so fast like him in Marin snicker a little redundant though. It can play elite shutdown centerfield and coming down mile straw is a guy that can is elite speed is faster than the Resnick. Which is a shocker, but yeah, he's going to be a Derek Fisher guy can. But I thought that Fisher was basically on the roster last year because Meridian was hurt. He probably was. So and Fisher scored the game winning run in game. So let's say then was ruined in his career was shut down. He'll never play in this organization. Again, if you had the choice between adding another pitcher. Or mile straw gift? Add another pitcher, okay? I would look I think straws, and, but I I think that he's somebody that is I think that's an asset that you want some speed. And I think ball's gonna come in come in handy in in the postseason, but that being said, I mean, you see clean. Okay. So who peacock it's dawn Smith, you are you who's not on? So it's it's Smith Ron Don Smith rundown while he costs you have all of them off. Joe Joe Smith, Joe Smith. Okay. But Joe Smith should Joe Smith should be Joe Smith should be on. I put Joe Smith over peacock, if we're being honest, and you have Davinci on which I think I think that da Vinci's problem I want them on because of his stuff, but I get I I I see a world a world where Christopher Kinski does not play in the postseason. I could see I could see where that would be the case. And like we talked about it. I don't know. This is what we talked about at the top these last three games in Baltimore do mean something, and there's a reason to watch and pay attention because what happens over the next couple days could decide those in Baltimore stays in Baltimore that could decide who's in a big spot..

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