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In in filling some of these positions that these tried and true Republicans just don't like the president right so part of the reason got elected because he's ready to fight everybody so I think that that's a good a good point but there can be people that are in middle level positions over the case may be that that go to work every day make their hundred and fifteen thousand dollars or whatever it is and and they look at and say this guy's a blue but it's it's my job and and you know that that is unfortunate because it not and I think with Hillary saying you don't want just someone who's a second fan to just you know just March right behind the president but you won't have people that you know can constructively maybe point things out to him not behind his back and making them fine the sound you know like he's he's just not qualified that's not good well I think that what we've got with this present that's different is first of all he's he's him so in a lot of ways he is in he's auto didactic if if anything and so he he is not learning to have those well experienced in this stuff but also like you were just saying yes I think the political elite for the first time a Republican and has been elected who the Republican or at least the first time in memory rebel publican establishment in a Republican DC establishment hate yeah they hate trump and the Democrats in the C. hate crop so I'm not surprised people who hate crime are gonna be happy to talk to make you hate when you go to the big the biggest are you know the biggest what's it called family talking to blow warm was a call to hold foreign bullhorn only pull that off and that's a New York times sure and you keep on going to recommend not some something not hate him they're gonna continuing I just wonder why he's employing them well I tell you knows who they are yeah I mean if we only look what level of employees were talking about you know it if it's part of the cabinet that's a totally different issue and that's concerning but if it's someone who works for the cabinet Lee had been that's another issue you know sometimes you know you are I will you will can tell us more than that I would know Hillary but as reporters sometimes you go a little bit below the surface to try to get people that are in the know that I actually like the gate keepers if you will right that no how everything gets done more so than the head of the department so you know could just be that case that Maggie Haberman is is talking to some of them in there like I I can't believe I work for this guy and he yes No sunspot I like the job I just wish there were I mean this is you know listen the president always brings in their own people and then there's a status from people in your right absolutely Shattuck that this guy has way more people hating him than normal I just if this is a person who is gay is leading and it like it really dealing bold things and you know if you work closely with him you would think that working closely with somebody that inspires you would spark this sort of loyalty and it just doesn't feel like that's happening well I like the people who are working closely with him are you continue to do things to either under caught him or stop him or you know and that happens with cabinet cabinet members I mean with things like going to war you know I mean it's just it feels like his own staff is working against him so often and that it it doesn't seem like I don't know it just seems like you either who is you know why is employing people that I it was that apparently don't agree with anything he's doing or if if they're the ones who are right then why do we have a leader who's got these instincts that are wrong I don't know you know what I think again like it's it's probably people that he doesn't know who it is and again let's let's not forget his background in business is is small I mean not in terms of how long he's been in business but he's always been surrounded by a very very very small staff you know that you always hear about these you know the trump organization with all of this type of stuff and essentially people I know that have been I think tone Tony sing Dolly is been to his office and said it's it's a very you know small office with not a lot of people it's not this gigantic organizations so it's almost like open door policy of the kids can walk into whoever is the head of construction can walk in it's a small staff now you're in Washington where there's just this mass of staff and and he's not he's not a traditional C. L. he's not well he's a sole proprietor so it's a different training ground and say someone who's who's overseen a huge staff in the past well in that sense Hilary you're wearing that that they haven is plugged in the White House staff who walk the president I can imagine a lot of these people going out with a report afterwards having a few beers Nicolas after you do this whatever center center in in in your warning about how pervasive that is at the same time none of these leakers and staff who want him seem to know why he did the poll to Greenland stuff we don't have the answer yeah so it only goes so far because I assume Steven Miller knows why did he leave green stuff and Kelly kellyanne those loaded the green stuff and I see you I assume somebody does well that's just it I don't know I don't pay I don't know what they do well you know what I mean well I mean it did anybody see you any of this coming well she said she said that he put this to someone for task to to look into it now could be one person it could be a group of people who that is who the hell knows but that was awhile ago that happened right right she's we did write about it awhile ago yeah because that might be the first thing from the White House that isn't leaked yeah when I first does not leak yeah I just when I saw this I gold brocade once the by Green Line it sounds pretty cool I I my first response was is this for the country or for him like I don't know which one it was it's the most I mean usually there's context falls after the president says something there's some context slowly comes in then you can put in division right I don't know what to make of the green yeah yeah I don't know what I mean this country has never gotten so much attention Greenland let's see what it's worth I mean confused with ice land because Iceland is actually place to visit leave as fifty five thousand people on it is the largest island in the world eight hundred thousand square miles it's it's like a quarter the size of the United States so normal yeah I'm assuming there's a lot of oil under that ice with one no I'm that's what I'm guessing you know I don't know I'm still not hearing the green when the mission of right and I do think that if somebody if somebody would just relax for some for a moment the specially the Twitter what people in say this kind of thing has me worried about what his inclinations are from minute to minute and that precludes me from voting for him and I can say I get it you know you don't maybe don't want to have to worry about the present looking around in the having somebody you know evaluate for the other land I mean it's kind of exciting it yes what about course can we buy Corsica we were simply took it by storm I think yes that is true you need a place you could send up the hockey team up there probably but I mean who knows who knows I have no idea what what is this a bridge too far this like this better it's more that I'm I'm asking show is more about the is this a bridge too far as a as a trump supporter saying you know what this is this is enough he wants to buy Greenland this is Wells this part that really makes me worried about him I mean we've seen some things on but one way there I think it could be at the throw away for him to again have us talking about something besides what we could be talking about this doesn't seem to have any cogent policy around and so that's why it's more worrisome in now he's made a declaration possibly on social media primarily in a foreign leader has reacted and so why I mean what is it I mean he's just broken off a date with another country and say it's me not yours I would give this to insult her and now they're not gonna get together right yeah friend yeah start fight putting but so like I mean that's why I think it should be considered more worrisome and you have more questions it's also possible he's fricking car sick or something there is something wrong with them there's one people no more babies have your hair done that we don't even know what it was supposed to be I don't know I don't know either so I have no idea I mean look I can't think of any other politician any other policy whatever yeah maneuver that is not tethered to some kind of policy you know we'll be is that policy might seem you can't really buy something unless it's for sale right I mean did he come in saying that we're going to acquire more lands in the country and no so I don't really know what it is there seems to be free peoples living in Greenland at the moment and I don't get I guess you could be they want to be a territory like Porter Rico they've never they never thought of it no no no it it is it's kind of a hard thing to come all right and I don't know this is certainly I guess you know I think that there's been other random policy points that he's considered and then not ended up going forward with that have happened before it did his staff maybe you know are are viewing this is one of that situation right I mean the general screw up a plan to attack Iran in the Iran assets in their navy assets and they were going to go through with it and then they that comes a don't we're not going to go through it I don't I don't I don't want to fall out I don't want to destabilize the world right now because I ran with obviously screw with European markets and one of the things so like that's something that that was a big move to not do but it's better to policy and like and it was actually the more the the crazy guy would attack Iran right I mean crazy people generally were you think wanna have fun yet COS footage of the cruise missiles in dollars you know blowing up by Iranian ships and but so like he doesn't he's not on the world stage is not you usually I mean wacky has him in the same sense of Boris Johnson is going to trip into the buffet and knocked on the tables but his movement overs on the world stage of been discipline I mean actual maneuvers from the country if not.

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