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Takeaway and it is good to have you with us on our politics show now. It went down in new jersey this week on tuesday night. Democratic incumbent governor phil murphy debated republican challenger. Jack shit rally in the panel debate of the new jersey gubernatorial race. There are only two candidates running for office but three opponents showed up at the debate. Murphy should ereli and the crowd we thank you. I like to believe that y'all out there as you're listening to the takeaway are either cheering or booing with the same kind of jersey level enthusiasm and i tell you. It's pretty wild outside the debate hall to former new jersey. Governor republican christine. Todd whitman is among the leaders of a new movement to purge trump loyalist and reinvigorate mainline conservativism within the republican party. There called the renew america movements. We need regular americans to step forward and we're calling only now this week. The republicans of the renew america movement they endorsed to new jersey democrats and a philadelphia democrat in those bids for state legislative seats and while new jersey republicans are fighting for the soul of their party. Virginia democrats seem to be sitting on the sidelines of their gubernatorial contest in northern virginia democratic stronghold. Possible problems for the former governor early voting had already begun in the commonwealth. And the numbers. In virginia's bluest counties are way down compared to 2017. Fairfax arlington and alexandria sent. Just six of virginia's early votes. So far that's a huge drop. From the last governor's race when the blue bastion ultimately delivered a full third of virginia's early votes. Okay down in the peach. State georgia's election battle is less about candidates and campaigns and more about fairness and fraud on wednesday. A judge in the state dismissed the final lawsuit from the twenty twenty election litigation. He ruled that the plaintiffs have no standing to sue. The fulton county election board. But the decision comes on the heels of to fulton county election workers being fired for shredding registeration forms. So i'm thinking it's probably pretty safe to assume that confidence in the state's electoral system is less than robust the twenty twenty two midterms approach. There's a lot of state politics shaping up around the country and that's where we begin. Today's politics roundtable with jessica taylor. The senate and governor's editor for the cook. Political report with amy walter and zach montelera state politics reporter at politico. Haven't hi there or i want to begin with you. Jessica were the takeaways from the governor's debate in new jersey this week. I think that there's passion that people on both sides and new jersey certainly has a reputation for kind of being a rough and tumble so. I wasn't really surprised to covert issues. Have driven lot of people to become more engaged. And you have governor so murphy. There that has put on some pretty strict restrictions and a misdemeanor sort of test of whether voters approve of those. We do see they have that foles. You know he's mandated masks in schools More controversial step. He took recently was actually mandating kids over to if they are in daycare certain things that they now have to wear mass. That's not in push back up. Upsetting pushback from chile rally But of course new jersey was at the height of the pandemic to begin with but you know cases have been more under control than even some southern less populated states that they've had to deal with but I see covert is a major issue Happening here and i think you saw that reflected in perhaps the debate limit come down here to us and ask What you make of this renew. America movement and specifically that. It's lead in part by christine. Todd whitman the first woman to serve as governor of the state of new jersey and sort of a republican of different era. But clearly here. Making bipartisan effort. To actually bring different kinds of folks into the system. And you know i am. Broadly relatively skeptical of the you know anti-trump wing of the republican party We've seen displayed kind of over and over and over again However they do within the republican party at now you know how many of these voters who were soft republicans in decades past nowadays identifies democrats identify as independence who are voting democratic in the suburban areas. That we've heard so much about over the last four years right like so. What is the crowd that these groups are kind of reaching for that. That's the big question right. Did most of those people who you know identify as a christine todd whitman republican or they already democrats have already jumped over to the other side. They staying there I tend to believe that at this point in the suburban shifts are. We've we've seen the shift in the suburbs of the last four years of the last decade. Whatever you wanna call it And these groups with people who former republican elected officials are really the folks without a helmet this point and yet the that sort of that dynamic of of a republican party like the new jersey republican party which to be clear it's quite different than republican parties and other parts of the country that dynamic that there was booming and cheering and the kind of almost trump rally like atmosphere at that new jersey gubernatorial debate. Fact does that. Tell you something about You know the fact that there is still this this acrimony. Despite the fact that you've got these like i guess we're gonna call them politically homeless republicans in the state. Yeah told me. I grew up on the right side of the hudson river. I'm a native new yorker so gripe from new york and new jersey now but like i think that's you know i don't call it par for the course for tristate area politics right. But you know we new yorkers new jersey and certainly a little bit we're willing to share their opinions about About what they think of their politicians there was that ad from governor murphy. And i think it was only online this week Just kind of poking fun hour his opponent when he was i think it was city council when he held a local office tried to ban swearing right and only only in the tri-state area. Only in new york on the new jersey is probably a bad thing. I yeah. I'm pretty sure it's already banned down here in north carolina i live. Everyone's very polite. Like oh my goodness is about as bad as it gets. Yeah so you know. I think it's just a different kind of atmosphere that you know that. Us new yorkers new jersey folks in the area carrier themselves just a little bit differently. I don't. I don't know if that's any sign of increased equity in the state or not. I think acrimony is already built in some. you know we've just been talking about the ways that republicans in new jersey might be different but it's also true. The democrats are a bit different. They're an impart because there is that long tradition in the tri-state area around on the strength of policing firefighters first responders and i'm wondering if murphy's positions on civilian review boards and also some you know additional sort of tightening around police. Local police departments might actually alienate some of the potential democratic voters. Who could support murphy. That's the big question with noxious governor murphy but a lot of democrats as the party. Realign and shift you know. How do you hold onto sometimes thought of as blue collar jobs. I don't necessarily know that in new york area police. Firefighter has much in common with somebody who works a elsewhere blue collar. how. How do you hold onto the blue collar jobs while also increasingly suburban tilt of these parties new jersey very famously suburbs to new york city on edge. It's striking that balance between can reach these voters that democrats have traditionally talked to you know blue collar union workers at while you know pushing social Social messages that.

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