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Thanks for the collar on the pandemics that I was. I was pretty sure of the vaccine. Rather, I was pretty sure that there was still some risk. So Mass are advised that we could get a couple more and before the break We want to go with this one. Steve, We got a number of questions here. Yeah, Anything food? All right. Someone's to know Steve. We talked about your sauce the other day, and they want to know what What do you do with the pork after the ribs going? Great question. Yes s O. I can't eat all of it. So what we do is we set it aside. And that's a great appetizer for another meal or snack for a football Sunday. So I said it doesn't fall off the bone. It does, but it's done in a piece, okay? And you just You save some of that, Although I have a hard time with that is it's so good. You said you're gonna try the rest of you. Well, I'm taking this was a personal one for me, too. I saw And I loved it because I also had questions. I'm gonna try it out for my parents. And the ship it down. It's my dad Dominic's recipe based on his mom and dad's recipe, and I've shared this a million times and anybody that's made its and if it's to be honest, it's Sicilian style sauce. So it's a little different. Little love, not as thick But the taste is amazing when you throw pork in its and or meatballs, or whatever it is You smell it a mile away, and it's It's a smell. It says. I want as much of that in my stomach as I can get it as soon as possible. Mine's going in the pot today, so I'll let you know today. Nice. Let me know how it turns out. Someone wants to know. Do you watch Tucker Carlson? Sample it like a lot of the shows. I watch. Laura Ingraham Tucker Carlson. I see a little bit of Shannon Green's work on Fox. Not a fan. Got a fan. I think he's he's. He was always called early on the process. The biggest fan boy of Donald Trump, and I think he's still on that train. It'll be interesting to see When the biggest dynamics that I'll be paying attention to in the next 100 days is how the networks react once the Biden administration but how they deal with a now former president Trump. He's not going to be covered in the way I hope that he's covering the way as president is, That's not what happens. They typically Tend to fade away. Now this President Donald Trump won't do that. But he should be covered in the way that they cover other former presidents. We have a current president. We have news that is tied to that person, not the previous one. So I think we'll we'll look at this as an interesting time to digest and review what networks do when it comes to their coverage. There's a lot of people that Hated the coverage that Donald J. Trump got from traditional networks. And a lot of people say that's one of the biggest reasons you lost. I wouldn't go that far. But there's arguments to be made there. We'll take a break lots more time for your questions. 85561616 20 got phone calls got plenty of text questions all over the place. Sports politics, food. Do that after the break. Stick around more. The Steves Kathy T. Shout Next on WTMJ. The biggest boat sail of the year happens in the Walkinshaw Expo Center. January 29 through the 31st announcing the Milwaukee macro boats sail hosted by CenterPoint Service, 60 boats on display pontoon boats, fishing race, family ski boats even hide the man deck boats,.

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