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One two three dollar menu. That's the price of any size. Mccafe brewed coffee or a savory sausage. Biscuit, Owen truck. The other pocket too. Tasty sausage mcmuffin in their find more one dollar breakfast favorites on the one two three dollar menu at McDonald's. Prices and participation may vary. Cannot be combined with any other offer or combo meal. Tax extra. Ashley homestore is proud to introduce maiden. Mason a modern approach to classic farmhouse designed these family friendly pieces. Combine the sleek clean lines of modern furniture design with a cozy farmhouse aesthetic creating a uniquely fresh tape that perfectly fits today's modern family lifestyle. Relax restore and reconnect after a long day without sacrificing trend rights style. Explore the new main in Mason lifestyle exclusively at Ashley homestore. This is home seatbelts everybody for safety. Introducing pick me up a podcast from lift and Gimblett creative all about people who are driving towards something. Big. Each episode. We'll get to know ellipse driver. I would call his style swaggie doses. Learn about their dreams own a restaurant, and then give them a little boost. Dan message the shots. He picked me up is out September twenty fifth. Listen wherever you get your podcast. Venus your style guide for fashion and swimwear is getting you ready for shorter days and cooler weather during Venus fashion week, the new Venus fall fashion collection has arrived. And it's a perfect time to get amazing deals on the style. Venus famous from tailgating to date night kickoff. The first official weekend of ten percents off your entire Venus. Order just goes Venus dot com or download the app and use the promo code weekend to save during the fashion week events. We live in a world. That's creating a enabled everything a world with more devices than people today technology has never been smarter. But smart only matters when you put it to work where it matters when we put smart to work, we can help save species increase crop yields and make progress, but not just for a few of us for all of us. So let's get to it. Let's put smart to work. Find out how IBM dot com slash smart. Since. Brad paisley, Dan shea. You're listening right here on the country.

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