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Knight then again texas it's four nothing marlins inside a noted ball on a ball and a strike rangers have won three straight betrayal four nothing in the ninth inning giancarlo stand in with two home runs is thirty verse of 30second added a third base dugout cubs manager actually pitching coach guilt heredia and the trader alongside him now to check on kirk erin he is the lefthander throwing in the renal bullpen nia cooks going to lead yet shoulder issues this year unsure of that's the problem here but kirk is going to head off the field longside pitching coach gil heredia abitrator for reno and will be all tonight for cook who who finishes as night two out shy from qualifying for the one in this game he throws ninety pitches and lefthander air lathey will replace him with account to ano or a one one rather to nick building to on nobody added a fifth reno leading by five and landtbe will be given all the time he needs to get ready since cook left with an apparent injury so it is a centurylink pitching change you know what's great about centurylink highspeed internet your whole family conservatives ring with basket hope wifi service not available everywhere contact centrally for details which today at centurylink dot com eight took three aces lead all the residents game scored the first any says i try to change out here in the fifth as they get ready to face the left hander air laffy we'll have more on him right after this on extra okay keep your eyes clinton i want to show you my first ever painting all right okay open your eyes oh that's a colors and shades oh vr that's what are you think well i i like how if he's lurched to gaiko.

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