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Eason healthy today for certain people LA county health officials advise anyone in those areas to cut down on doing things outdoors if they have heart disease asthma or other respiratory illnesses and then Monica pier has re opened but Pacific park which is the amusement park type brides that is staying closed for now news is bad you by my damn in the smell good plumber let's say good morning now to okay a five house was spared dean sharp you can find them on social media at home with dean and of course home with dean sharp is Saturdays from six to eight in the morning Sundays from nine to eleven in the morning dean good morning you know I'm sitting here Jan and I'm listening to you and I just realized that you know what it is about your voice that I love so much you can hear when you're smiling and having a lot of fun that's so cool thank you for saying that I see right now there it is well it's because it's you are you kidding me you're like the brother I never had it's crazy love talking to you in the mornings well they get that and that's why people enjoy listening though to you to you can you can tell that in the mornings when you're giving people advice you're you're giving them some heads up on certain to do around their house you love what you do and don't you think that's key in any job oh my gosh I absolutely love what I do and yep that passion that it's it's hard to hide and it's critical I think yeah absolutely okay one of the things that I love I clamor for this ad in the evenings is just to go outside even if it's just I'm gonna take twenty minutes to water the garden or whatever the case may be that outside time there's something about it that is really therapeutic for me and I know that's what you want to talk about this morning and I was excited about that like how can we all make our backyards or outdoor spaces even more I don't know just more therapeutic more calming or just beneficial to us exactly and specifically tomorrow show we're gonna spend time talking about one facet of that and that is being outside at night like being in your backyard at night and the reason that I love this so much is that and I think I sent you this note at no time you know I'm all about as a home designer of the idea that that really are the best experience that you can have if your home is a theater it's it's like theater that you live in and when you have done it to the hilt that's what it is that every turn it's like an immersive theater experience and at no time is the concept of your home as theater more potent more capable than when you are outside at night and why why is that because of the darkness only in the dark do we get to then have control over exactly what we want to see and how we want to see it yeah I hadn't thought about that and that that is true in it I guess I would assume it's about then lighting and things like that fixtures that can illuminate the spaces that you want to see exactly exactly even I have always said this even the shoddy est of homes can look very very very different at night and that's not to insult the home and it's not to say that we shouldn't work on it during the daytime but you have so much more control at night because the darkness takes care of the rest for you it is very much like being in a theater to watch a stage play think about it the whole concept of a theater is so that those who are producing the play can first take advantage of total darkness and then like the stage just the way they want to do it you only see what they want you to see and that is the opportunity you've got at your home at night and not only is figuring out how to let your home relatively inexpensive and it really is it really really is it's all low voltage there's just a couple of components that go into it any D. I. wire can do this because you're not going to electrocute yourself you don't have to become elektrische and to do this okay we're talking about landscape lighting by the you know by and large is a low voltage system and but what that means it's a usually a twelve volt system and you plug in a transformer to high voltage plug you know like you plug in any appliance and out of that transformer comes these low voltage wires to your actual landscape lights and you can fiddle with them and you get the wire can be bear you connect certainly touch the end of the wire you know what you get you get a little buzz just like you were touching your tongue to a nine volt battery well this is a twelve volt system it's barely more than that so it is a no risk scenario and and it can be super fun especially if you do it the way that I instruct my clients to do it with the landscape lighting day is always one of the most entertaining days of the entire project because we all get together after dinner right as the sun is starting to go down we pour ourselves some drinks whatever our favorite evening beverages if we pull out some chairs we sit around and we wait for the yard to get dark and now he this is how you do it we had transformer in transformers these days depending on how many lights you need they're not that expensive like a three hundred a walk transformer which with LED lights these days can run fifty sixty lights I mean a lot of lighting three hundred watt transformers going to set you back about a hundred dollars it's this power source and the timer for your landscape lights but you don't know what to do yet so you get one roll of landscape lighting wire maybe a hundred feet long hook that up to the transformer and then all you have to do is go to the store and you're gonna buy maybe one of each of different kinds of landscape lights a spot a flood a tree well which is what we used up light tree canopies a pathway light that you like one of each you don't.

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