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KT, okay dot com, and I am also up on social media. No. They are not killing babies to make vaccines if you're against abortion. Okay. If you against vaccines. Okay. But there really is no logical way to connect those two because they do not the it's not happening. It's simply not that's propaganda. In fact, here we go another gun ban in the works. And again, it's not gonna make it any safer. Thank you. And I nor the people of New Zealand where it's going to be happening, and we'll get into that Oklahoma's newest sweetheart Darcy Lynn is going to be joining us from her new tour, and that tour will be making a stop in Oklahoma City. I'll tell you when and where and where you can. Get tickets. Plus, we'll talk to Dr ceiling, you know, what I know from Darcy she likes to sing. And in fact, became a ventriloquist because she had stage fright about singing in front of a group of people. But having the puppet on stage than the puppet could do the singing, well, if you've ever been through any type of singing or singing training, the vocal coaches tell you one thing over and over and over and over and over again all penned up your mouth, I'm out of our sow. Even a even a vowel like I. They want you to open your mouth and let that out. Well, in ventriloquists, you can't very well do that. Now, can you? So how does she do it? I'll ask her coming up on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. The new move with Boeing and questions as to what Boeing's relationship with the FAA was we'll get into that too. Coming up on NewsRadio one thousand Katie okay, come meal, and this is a male Camille, it's a Middle Eastern. Spelling of Camille says Lee, we're talking about getting rid of the electoral college. There would be a second war of secession shortly after any elimination the electoral Carlin, college, honestly, I'm appalled that Democrats are now calling for the end of the electoral college. But I'm not surprised. Abraham LINCOLN became president ultimately freed the blacks from slavery had there been no electoral college. Slavery would have continued for decades longer the electoral college corrected a moral failing in the United States. It's the elimination would prevent future failings and failures from being corrected and coming up your absolately, right? And no, they aren't going to eliminate the electoral college. Okay. The Democrats are talking it up because they're trying to motivate their base. They're trying to make it seem like your vote didn't count in two thousand sixteen your vote didn't count in twenty eighteen because the electoral college. That's why. When in fact, it did. Especially if you lived in a minority area. So it would take a constitutional not just a constitutional amendment, but a convention. To get rid of the twelfth amendment, which is the electoral college method. And I got a message earlier today. What about these states who are trying to go with? No, these are proposing a joint proposal, many states are joining. That would throw their electoral votes to the popular vote in an election. But that is a lot like a convention of the states. A majority of the states would have to agree to do that before everybody can do that. So that's what that's all about that. That's not becoming law. They're not wiping out the electoral college. And Doug writes. Now, they wanna stack the supreme court by increasing their number just like Roosevelt again that would require a constitutional convention to amend the constitution. So that they could increase the amount of of justices on the supreme court. There's nothing in the constitution about the number of justices. But but there is a law. There is a there is a law, and there is a hierarchy set up in that constitution the constitution for that supreme court. So that's not going to happen either. If FDR couldn't get it done get done here. A dictator. He was damn near a dictator. April writes, I couldn't catch your whole show today. Lebron thank you for posting this, and she has the map that electoral college map you've seen it going around. It shows all the blue counties of the county map of the United States and highlighted in. Blue are the blue counties are the counties that went blue and gave their electoral votes to the electoral college. And it's a it's huge. I mean, you can see most of New York you can see most of California blue some speckles of blue throughout Ohio and Virginia. But the rest is gray. And basically, that's a that's a big demonstration of what the electoral college is all about had the popular vote decided that's who is president and policy would be decided by California, New York. Sometimes texas. Matt Boston, Massachusetts where all the dents states. Are that's that's who would decide and it's that simple east eastern seaboard down Florida. Yeah. That's all pretty much purple or blue now and the west coast with Chicago in the middle eight four zero one thousand star one thousand on NewsRadio one thousand Katie, okay? Michael Bauer is joining us from New York, New York and with twenty four seven news, Michael one of the most controversial parts of Alexandria accounts. Yorker tells is green new deal is the upgrade of all existing buildings in the US to green energy now after my phone problems that I experienced earlier today if that included the Matthews office building. And the question is would it be possible? If you're talking about the Matthews office building, the answer is no. Well, that's a great question. Because this building among many in New York City, I think is about to we're the find out how about that. We know that this is a lofty aspiration in regards to deal more controversial one you've got existing buildings that need to be met with the highest energy standards. New ones that's fairly easy to do. So new buildings getting to that level is cake, but hundreds of year old building that's going to be a different story, and you're looking at buildings being responsible for about forty percent of the greenhouse gases in the US, and that comes from them, you know, burning the fossil fuels, which at this point primarily natural gas. But also, there's heating oil that's still being in New York City to heat and cool the water and space inside the buildings. So with that you're looking at New York City about to face their first embarked on whether or not this is something they're going to be able to do. Now there have been other states, California for one has been working on this for a long period of time even last year governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order that targeted statewide net zero carbon emissions by twenty forty five. And my hometown of San Jose Calif. Have been implementing building standards for a longer time. In fact, they've got two point. We're all new residential buildings are net carbon neutral by next year. They've been keeping up with that. But that's California. It's an entirely different story when you're looking at other places across the country. Right. I mean DC has kind of jumped on board with that concept. Washington state Massachusetts is in Minneapolis has been doing a similar thing in boulder. Colorado all trying to kind of get to the point where they can start to affect the newer buildings and then move into the older building range, but New York City is about to get tested on this in a very big way. They had been being fought tooth and nail by landlords saying they don't want to spend the money to have to do these upgrades on their their older building some of them hundreds of years old. And now there's going to be a brand new remarkable Bill that is going to mandate a forty percent reduction in emissions from large buildings by twenty thirty in New York City rising to eighty percent by twenty fifty. And again, it's been hard fought until recently where you've got legislation supplementary. Coming in that would establish a loan program for those landlords to make the upgrades and landlords seem relatively happy. With that portion now where those loans are coming from. I don't know. I imagine taxpayer dollars here. But it's expected to pass as early as next month. And we're gonna see this battle taken to the streets of New York in regards to these giant buildings in what has to be done to retrofit them. Now, we're talking retrofitting. We're just trying to come up with more efficient means of air conditioners. Maybe non chlorofluorocarbon gases used with these air conditioners. We're not talking about. We're not talking about putting a windmill on on the top of the Bill. To the best of my knowledge. There's no windmills that are planning on going up there. Although I think people might still find it interesting and somewhat archaic to see that. There are rainwater catchers on top of some buildings in New York City, the do provide to a certain extent cooling for some of those buildings. But that said that doesn't look like the windmills are going to happen. But no, it's looking to on a certain level here. And we've seen it across these different parts of the country where they're looking to do an electric occasion, meaning spending less natural gas, electrifying everything your air conditioning, your heating, all of that element there with a newfound version of electric vacation that sort of less impactful on the environment. So that's what they're looking into. What this green new deal is trying to push really hard and saying you should have this done in a ten to twelve we're ten to twelve year timeframe is incredibly optimistic considering you've got to look at places like New York City. You've gotta look at big cities like Boston, another really old cities in cities all over the country that have incredibly old buildings lots of them and go how are we? Going to retrofit. This is they're going to be a grandfather law or something that comes into play that, you know, certain buildings of an age don't necessarily have to go through the same motions everybody. But again, if you're trying to get every building done intended twelve years that seems a little bit on the over the top side one of the things that green new dealers. Love to bring up is the fact that John Kennedy challenged the nation to get to the moon by nineteen by the end of the decade and that he did. So after he issued that challenge and so if we can get a man to the moon, we should be able to get this done. And and my my whole thing about the difference between getting to the man to the moon is number one. It was for defense purposes. Not for feel good purposes. Number two, John Kennedy was only talking about spending. Maybe one percent of the US budget. Not one hundred fifty percent of the us budget, and John Kennedy wasn't asking us all to pay more rent higher insurance rates, etc. Yeah. So so there's lots of different elements again with his green new deal that are going to have to be gone over rethought. I think I think there are parts of it. That are very deep an explanation and other parts that are incredibly vague explanation. That are going to have to be worked over here. But, but I think the concept is and maybe this is the move that she's trying to make their you're right. The defenders do go back to that. They also go back to wolf the president is going to put the space force together. Why can't we get buildings that are more energy efficient those kinds of questions come into play here? I think it's just the really honestly what it comes right down to it is that we as Americans shoot for lofty goals all the time. We should be able to achieve those lofty goals on some level. Now, there is a portion of what we're seeing from these individual states that are currently doing this exploration in and for years have been doing this exploration and trying to take care of the energy efficiency within their city, state, etc. But there's also bigger elements to that we're seeing the places like Vancouver British Columbia. They have a situation where they're going for to truly ambitious plan to. Completely decarbonised electric transportation and buildings by twenty fifty and one of the things that they're planning on doing trying to get the city to get as many building some of them have been retrofitted, some not as many as as possible hooked up to the city's district heating system, which will then be shifted over to renewable biomass to begin that process..

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