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It's morning edition on WNYC and Michael hill a prominent New Jersey couple with powerful political connections were killed in their bedroom in 2014 The case has never been solved now a new podcast tells the story of John and Joyce Sheridan the failure to solve the case and incompetence and corruption that might have led to that failure The podcast is called dead end a New Jersey political murder mystery and it's reported and hosted by WNYC's Nancy Solomon who joins us now Nancy good morning Good morning Michael I remember when the news first broke about the Sheraton deaths it was such a strange story and as details began to come out in only got stranger remind all of us who John Sheridan was please Right John Sheridan wasn't a household name But he had been the transportation commissioner under governor Tom Cain and continued to work as an adviser to governors and a lobbyist for much of his career He was so well known in New Jersey's political and legal world that when he died the current governor Chris Christie and three former governors and almost the entire state legislature attended the couple's memorial I remember that The county prosecutor investigating their deaths eventually ruled it a murder suicide that John Sheridan killed his wife and then himself but your reporting has uncovered questions about that determination What did you find There were serious flaws in the investigation into their deaths From the fact that the wounds that John suffered in the incident weren't consistent with suicide to the fact that at the time of his death there was a significant there was significant evidence that was ignored And there's a paper trail that offers some tantalizing clues about what John Sheridan was worried about at the time of his death All of which point to the possibility that both John enjoys were murdered and that political corruption could have had something to do with it Nancy you brought us a sample of the podcast which really starts to lay out the mystery here This is a few minutes from dead end on New Jersey political murder mystery Let's listen 9-1-1 where is your emergency Yes.

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