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Bestselling author seemed chief. Msnbc CONTRIBUTOR IN A jedi master please welcome Malcolm Nance back to the show Malcolm. Thanks for coming back on Muller. She wrote by budget. I haven't seen you since I think are are Dinner at politico. That was a lot of fun so I appreciate you coming on and every day since I've wondered when you're going to change the name of your show. Well maybe not now. 'cause well okay. So what appears what we've known all along? Russia's attacking our twenty twenty election on behalf of trump and that has been briefed the House intelligence community and it appears that You know somebody ran untold trump and he got mad and now Rick Grenell is going to be the director of National Intelligence Folks within these agencies have said. This is a coincidence The you know the removal of the DNA and the ousting of of pretty much any one of the DOJ had anything to do with the initial Russia investigation. What do you think about this all your listeners? If any of you know there's this Victim or that. I call Nance's law manses law. The full name is Nancy Law of Intelligence Kismet. And that means that the phrase coincidence coincidence takes a lot of planning that Nancy this law right recoup bill. That's thing as coincidence in my world in the intelligence world that went away with Ian Fleming's once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times the action now twice as enemy action..

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