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Anything earned misses a little corny, but it's a love song. Wow. Am I one. This sounds like what media is Southern Cross perhaps the greatest of I would also say still tool to with sets rates. Oh, I would say that. 'cause Young's not in their singing with them a little South America. One time and somebody pointed out, hey, see that star constellation. That's a Southern Cross. All of a sudden that song comes crash, revelation Southern Cross for the first. The Corolla, so he can go. All right to me. Okay. We're just gonna move onto another decade. Now the eighties I has. Here's the thing I had to pick one song night did a few more for the nineties, but once on that to me definitively was the eighties tool to now I had so many I poured over this great song, but would you Brian Bishop, keep your windows rolled down when this came on. No one returning down right now. Riff enough. Bring it down. Definitive tool to quite example of the tool to a great song ship. Roll the you. You kick the windows to get them to go faster. The great from this show. This play prominent role at my wedding. This. Really. This brought the fucking our stay out. Yeah. And the nightfall sneaky. Great song for learning hard.

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