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Setting Jamie on his path to greatness. He said that success is nephew has achieved has been celebrated by more than his family. Everybody thinks that not just family, but close family friends, you know? He started incredible think to a tree what he has and he's still like, it's still lucky he's running second in the championship man and he's retirement year. He still puts the thing on Paul. You know, he's still throwing in some incredible laps in the east still doing very, very well lucky he's stepping out at the top of his game and I'm sure if Jamie throws head out there, there'd be several things would like him to come and drive their cars and pick up a piece. Scott Gallo has justices of Jamie in his autobiography, rather a lifetime. And he spoke about how Jamie approached his next chapter. Yeah, absolutely. He was not obsessed, but he sort of a challenge. He didn't want to be known as one trick pony. Which is pretty good trick when you're the best driver in history, but he was very about the future. He wanted to jump into things and he always talked about his dad. You know, the one way to get his dad to do something is to tell die that he couldn't, you know, build that fence over there. So then he'd go and do it. And I think Jamie should be at the same. At Triple H, Jamie has shared the garage with the most popular driver of all time Craig lands. And now with one of the most popular kiwi drivers, Shane van gisbergen, Graham, win cap said that Jamie understood the importance of having a strong teammate. When you've got a tough teammate, it raises the level. Like you're always out to boot your teammate. He's the first guy you've got to beat. And, you know, they are great teammates, you know, the team is everything to them. And if Jamie can't win Shane wants to win and vice versa, you know, they are there to have the trip like cars, one, two, as much as possible. And it does. You know, they push each other hard and there's no secrets, you know, I've seen that there's no secrets with anybody I'm doing this try this, you know and that's how it really should be. Jamie's teammate. Gregg lands admires many aspects of the relationship. It was always been the one thing that the stock news grow. But there is some things that Jamie does that used to frustrate me. And I have a laugh about it because it still happens today. We shine, which is basically that, you know, if you've got to be in an appearance at a ten o'clock at 9 59 and 59 seconds, Jamie will then decide to go and go to the function, but it takes, you know, it doesn't have to take it into account that it's going to take 5 minutes to get there. So I hate being like to anything and Jamie was always that person or if I can spend an extra extra minute looking at data or doing something like that, I'd rather do that than be in a function. So that was probably the frustrating side of Jaime, but as I said, it still happens today and I still have a giggle because now it's happening to shame. David couchy, Jamie's engineer from 2014 to 2020 said it was the relationships that Triple H that made the team so successful. Oh, look without question, you know, you know, Jamie and of course, Craig, Craig lounge, you know, they were a massive part of that. And those guys, those guys working together, I think their relationship and the respect that both of those guys had for each other on and off the track. And of course, also the way that the Roland, you know, operates the team, like that's a very big part of why Triple H has been so successful in its almost short history. I mean, it's quite a long history now, but you know, they became successful quite quickly and that definitely flows from the top. And having those two drivers with their with their personalities, again, Jamie, so easy to get along with. Don't have to even mention it about Craig lounge, and he's kind of bubbly, happy personality. So, you know, it was just a really awesome environment to be in and everybody just was able to grow and perform at their absolute best. And that's why that was the sort of foundation of what triple-A's today. Ten is now joined the team as a co driver. Wind caps teammate Shane men gisborne. He's now founding at first hand wide triple-A has been so successful and dying all I said to me one day I'll get you in one of my cars. And turned out. We did a we finally got it down to the endurance races. So, yeah, look, it's been a lot of fancier and a lot of fun amongst the full drivers of triple-A. Given the battles that we've had over the journey, roast against Jamie, particularly, you know, the year that I'd run the championship 2007 when it came down to two points between Jamie and myself. The following a couple of years and we were inside when January 1% started battling for opportunity to look through this arm. And then obviously shining came on the scene 2007, you know, right against him that whole time. Scott gullon. He fell in love with the engineering side of motor sport. So he's learned a lot from that. And I think in business, he took his time to figure out what he wanted to do, but the car wash business. That's going to begin engineering factor. He wants it to be the most modern and different and best in Australia. So again, he's applauded that. And I think motor sport, you know, that's all he's 9, it's in his blood and he genuinely cares about the sport. I mean, he's not just about how he wants to win because that seemed Brady. But he has a genuine care for the state of the sport. So being on the commission and now being an ironer and a manager, I'm not surprised he went down that track and either is anyone around and really and I think he'll divide a lot of time between that and his business.

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