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The voting software companies smart madda of being part of an international campaign to cast doubts on the results of the country's recent election he said quote stupid president of smart matic under pressure from the us and uk says only seven point five million people voted but it was more like 10 million vice president mike pence traveling in europe is among those not buying the elect shen results recent days we've seen the completion of venezuela's collapse into dictatorship not only did the regime hold a sham national assembly election but on monday night the regime seized two prominent members of the opposition from the us is considering sanctions against the maduro government despite a scene at a chickfila in jacksonville florida the other night a teenaged customer got into an argument with the counter stab so the manager lock the doors which enraged a couple of women who are trying to get in there were banging on the doors but then found a door that was not locked they let themselves they and then proceeded to trash the place fleming that there brother the arguing customer had been served cold chicken nuggets this customer looked on in amazement as one of the women notch straw's napkins and condiments civil floor she called her a heifer them spiting gorge down there in jacksonville children and the rest rob will reportedly crying and fear as they've the sense of that and we really don't know what the outcome was but it give our thanks to the customer who memorialized lists incident on video and posted it to face spoke for the world to see mix of sun and clouds today it'll be warm and humid with a shower or thunderstorm and sponsor during the afternoon and early evening hours a high today of eighty sex we have seventy one degrees now and partly sunny skies were growing up to.

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