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On five seventy K L I F. Nicole weisensee Egan is the author of a new book coming up about the Cosby case, which doesn't drop for a little while yet right once the actual release date, April twenty third. The book is called chasing. Cosby the downfall of America's dad, but we're talking about the article that came out yesterday in the Daily Beast, and Nikki was talking about that. She still follows this case since she was first introduced to it. Almost skeptically back in two thousand and eight and has since then brats amongst in elite group of people who have been following the story in trying to make heads or tails out of it since then. The update that you have on the Daily Beast was interesting because as you point out, there's a a a really well documented case of another close call it would seem from two thousand and sixteen can you tell us the story of Dakota James? Oh, right. So he's a close call that threw me for a second. Yes. So this was chilling. When I when I talked to this woman so about five weeks before Dakota James vanished when he has a close friend named Shelley. And she had texted him. See if he was gonna come out and he calls her. It's like eleven eleven fifty tonight. He's like Shelly on hold. I don't know where I am help me. Help me come get me. Come get me. And she's like, oh my God. Of course. I'm you know, I'm on my way, where are you? And he said, Pittsburgh, I think you said northside northside, and then she said, so she's like all right on my way. But then she had an they had enabled location services on the phone, which I didn't even know about because she leaves him all the time to keep track of our kids. I don't have kids. So. So so yes, she actually sees on the opposite side of the city. And she I mean while she's getting all these texts and she sent me screen shots of the tax. And it's like Shelley helped me I'm cold help me, and he was crying and sobbing by the way when he called her to. And so she finally finds them he's outside. He's coming out of a spring. Sweet. She told him to go in the into the hotel, and she's pulling up there's this stark vehicle their parks the wrong way park like he's heading right toward it, and she hollers out his name, and he sees her. And then he comes over to her. And he tells her, you know, she's like I don't equally he did not remember the last four hours of his night. The last thing he remembered he was at a work party was co workers they went out to a bar last thing I remember about seven fifteen and the rest of the nicer blank. And then he's wandering around the down three Pittsburgh. He didn't know where he was what had happened. He was freezing cold, which is interesting. Because I've been reading a lot about GBH. And that is one of the things I think the heat you up so much apparently. So then. The code honor or something like that the differential between the GP h what it does to your body temperature and the surrounding air freezing cold. And so then she said she wanted to take him to the hospital. She thought she's thinking was he drugged was. He did something really I called you thinking was an accident with eating up like he was hysterical crying. So, but he didn't want to go to the hospital and she took him home. And the next day. He just sort of like, you know, we kind of brushed it off. And you know, she would have to. But then he disappeared after Simone. I'd co workers five weeks later, and that's the tragedy of so then it really does feel like it's not just a crime of opportunity, but that somebody had targeted him or I mean, it's incredible coincidence that he would be taken at random works followed at random, but that somebody was watching for him and catching him at that kind of moment. Yeah. Either that was an attempt at night and it failed in managed to get loose. Or it was just stocking hammer or something I I don't know. I mean, but then he. We did eat advantage. And you know, if you if you watch those security, you know, and of course, the cops while he was drunk. He went to the river. Right. Because of course, that's what you do. You walk down these stairs. Docked could. You could. But the thing is that they have surveillance video. They see him at like eleven forty nine pm walking across this plaza in downtown, Pittsburgh, and he's fine. He's not staggering. He's not walking a straight line. When Shelly said when she picked him up. He wasn't drunk. He didn't seem inebriated anything. He wasn't slurring terrified findings like texting or doing something with his phone just walking across and he seems fine. And then he just walks down. This alley I guess the last shot of God was he kinda lead against the law for a second. And then the cameras at the other end of the alley have water in them. So they couldn't catch him, and then either could've gone left and then gone right over Roberto Clemente bridge to go home, but the cameras didn't capture him doing that you should finish. The there's that other piece there too in your story where he told her that he had on the initial case when he called her scared said come pick me up disoriented where he was he said that he. Had already spoken to a police officer in the cockpit blown them off. Yeah. That's what he said. He said, I've tried to stop the cops the cops won't help me. And you know, I tried to ask all these questions. I did ask all these questions of the Pittsburgh cops the DA's office Emmys office, they were very rude. Very dismissive. And you've got an answer you can keep asking questions all you want. But you've got our answer. They treat a reporter like that. I can imagine how badly they treat the families on March sixth two thousand seventeen forty days after Dakota James disappeared. Roughly nine weeks after the original call to his friend a woman walking her dog saw his body floating in the Ohio river ten miles from where he was last seen downtown. Right. Another thirty feet offshore. Which isn't that far ruled an accidental drowning a guy that's what they rolled it. Even though there's no his body had traveled ten miles down that river, and there's a steel and concrete, Dan there that it would have had to go like over underneath there's no damage to the body whatsoever. And there's. It's the same type of thing. It didn't look like body wasn't a decomposed enough to have been in the water for that long. And the the mother also, oh, and the kicker is this is the horrifying kicker. So they the family never got just got an autopsy report they never they had to specifically request photographs from the autopsy they weren't allowed to see Dakota on the mother was forced to identify him by looking at a tattoo on his ankle. They wouldn't let her see her own son, and because Dakota's wishes where to be cremated. That's what they had done with him. But it took a year and a half. But she finally got in just this past August, she got photos from autopsy, and they took it to Sarah lack this same pathologist to occur. It looks like there's ligature marks around his neck. And then there's also there's broken blood vessels and stuff. Amongst fingers tops some of the things about hands. Like he was reaching to get that ligature neck off his neck, whatever it was. And so he thinks that they could have been relation could have been the cost of. And and part of this story isn't just the kids are are these young men typically again, the the the consistent characteristics are young lettuce built. They are not known for being or at least at one point the one of the common characters they were not known for being heavy drinkers. They were known for being regular perhaps. Patrons at a at a bar for parties. But they weren't these people who are walking around drunk all day long. And they were they were high performers there overachievers. They had a future. They were bright the seemed to be targeted almost on the basis of that. And that's what made me think I'm sure you've heard of the whole phenomena. This rise of the beta thing, and they're sort of the revenge of the beta males, this the feeling that some people have and it it exists on the web at least in in word. I don't know if how whether anybody really turns it into this kind of tragic action. But that these are people that are that should be punished for being so popular because of the in cells, the involuntary, you know, celebrate men who are sitting in basements, envious of the popularity of the genetically gifted or whatever. And and so I wonder whether that could be a component in this this this dark beta male thing where they're taking revenge out on the on the popular and good looking right. I I think that's what I was. Saying earlier detectives thought to envy thing, you know, you're the phrasing a different way. But these these are the guys they they wish they were, you know, and they're not so right. Specifically, the in-cell thing. This is a this is a really interesting. There's it's much more formal and the associations of in cells around the country. So we're some people thought originally, this might be some satanic thing. You know, or some group that was traveling around in a van than they were doing these initiations that maybe it's just a matter of these sort of thrill killings that are going on amongst amongst in cells that are taking out their frustrations on the popular. I know I'm just spinning. But that's how I I think even back then I think they thought that there were different cells, and they because they figured that. It was it was organized in somewhat structured, but because they they figured they had to have different groups in different cities. And that's why you know, one of the criticisms has been well, the writings not the same as well. It's different thousand different cities different and docks at at my story. I mean, one in one one group of five go out and do something one night in another group of five might do it another. But the yeah, that's the only way they could figure two when they first start looking at this as to how there could be a couple different ones in different parts of the country at the same time because there has been that. I mean, there's been like I think eleven or thirteen in Boston too. And you know, you read because this book and you look at the list of the ones in the mid west. It's these are not guys who die like this, though, if you were you'd see it in every city in the country, right? Oh, yeah. There was another drunk guy. It just fell into the river when he went out drinking. You know, you only see whether it's been like a cluster of not and even statistically, they did a statistical analysis, and it doesn't hold up that you expect to see this everywhere if these were just a phenomenon of, you know, this is just this is what happened guys age get drunk and fall the risk. River than you would expect to see that all over the country, and you're not you're just seeing that in clusters in these specific city, we're talking with the Nikki Egan the author of the Daily Beast piece yesterday, we've linked up to our website at coast to coast AM dot com. Scroll down to tonight's guests, and you can read it there..

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