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And you spend probably I guess, as much time talking about their failures in their moments of doubt, as you do talking about their triumphs in this book, what do you think those moments reveal about these men? Well, I think the important thing that each one of them illustrates is that when they start out, sometimes they're going to go through failures. In fact, when I was talking about leadership lessons from the White House some years ago, a young student raised his status, but how can I ever become one of them? They're too far their remote. So I realized if I started when they first ran for office Lincoln's, Twenty-three Teddy's Twenty-three. FDR's Twenty-eight LBJ's roaming around from the time he's too. But anyway, they'll, they'll, they'll fail, they'll they'll make mistakes, they'll learn from them. They'll grow in office and these men had particularly harrowing experiences hopefully more than most of us might have. But there's something about going through adversity and finding wisdom at the other end and knowing that if you've got through that, you have the strength to get through something else. Lincoln fell into a depression. So deep that is friends took. Ol- knives and razors and scissors from his room when he's in his early thirties, and it was partly because the gap between his huge ambitions to want to change the world which he had from the time he was twenty three. And the reality of his circumstances was too big to bridge. And a friend went to him and said, you must rally or you will die. And he said, I would just as soon die now but have not yet accomplished anything to make any human being remembered that I've lived even at young age. That was his dream teddy Roosevelt was in the state legislature, and he got a telegram that his wife had just given birth and they celebrate with cigars. His mother who was only forty nine had come to take care of the of the wife. Then he gets a second telegram saying, you have to come home immediately. Your wife is dying on your mother's dying to his mother had contracted typhoid fever. She died just after teddy got home and then twelve hours later in the same house that same day his wife die. So he's circled into a depression, but it left him with the decision to leave the state legislature in New York and go to the badlands. And those two years he spent in the badlands being a cowboy being a rancher changed his view of the world made him a conservationist. It made him a westerner as well as an easterner. He said, he probably would never become president if he'd just been this eastern guy privileged. I now he was suddenly part of the growing west. And of course FDR's polio was what he went through. Johnson is more complicated. What happened to him as I do think he had empathy when he was young. He he taught for a year in between college because he couldn't afford to stay as a principal and a teacher in this community, whether we're Mexican American kids who were really poor, and there was prejudice being exhibited against them. So he became everything to the kids. You know, he gave them his salary to build sporting equipment and he taught them to eat said, I wanna fire ambition in them. And if I can do that, they'll be fine the rest of their lives. But then as he got into politics, it was more accumulating power and more power without that same sense of purpose he had when he was young until in in the middle of nineteen fifty five. He had a massive heart attack. He's majeur. Leader of the Senate, the most powerful one. And then he says to himself when he comes out of the depression. Well, if I die now, what would I be remembered for? And that gave a purpose to his power. He, he got the first civil rights Bill through the Senate. And then of course, when he's president, civil rights becomes the main thing that he cares about the remember the Theodore Roosevelt once lamented being a peacetime president, he said something along the lines, I think of if it hadn't been for the civil war, no one will remember, Abraham Lincoln's name. Do you think a president needs a crisis to qualify as a truly great leader?.

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