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Three three zero three one It's morning edition on WNYC I'm Richard Hake it's the all star break gets. The halfway point in the major league baseball season and it's. Time for. Fans and at least some of, the players to regroup and catch a breather WNYC shumita Basu was not exactly a fan she knows little to nothing about baseball and those are her words so to prepare for tonight's all star game she headed up to the stadium in the Bronx to catch a Yankees game into learn a thing or two, from, a, baseball, superfan, WNYC's, Brian, Lehrer, is, one guy Stadium hasn't come today that he works the section a lot Selling jacks and he stopped this distinctive body comes up and down the odds crat jabs I bet you a hundred percent that I heard him while I was standing up there before I came down to the to my seed people say People will make fun of them after he goes you're seeing sometimes but you know they practice Jackson, are available There are so, many expressions it's. Taken me years to realize all came from baseball I mean the closer closer meant the baseball a baseball tournament as. We sit here having this conversation on the top of the ninth inning with is winning by just one run this is when you bring. In the closer, to pitch the, guy who only, pitches in the ninth inning Only when the Yankees are ahead By a little And that's a guy named overall Chapman me these days What kind of skills? Do you need like what what are they looking for, generally the closers gotta be somebody who throws the ball Really hard? He's one? Of the few pitchers in? The game who actually throws a hundred miles an hour Because you only have to do it for one inning you can just Really. Cranking really cranky You. Can't pick nine innings he catches for one, in or any. Clothes even just hang he's just been hanging out on the side On the side, job and people. Are generalists and life and people are specialists Closers specialist Here more Brian.

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