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With the three and a half hours earlier on the start time but still not a great spot for them. We'll see how this line moves but a really bad spot for the cubs with that very rapid Get Davies Guitar on that one job Alison to be determined on Saturday Adrian Hauser Yu Darvish on Sunday here for doesn't start before Sunday who say ron going for the brands once again as I mentioned I worry about ball or going to a new team kind of over paralysis by over analysis Alex Wood is in his second start but the braves bullpen reinforcements will be in town by the weekend <hes> that should definitely help them out a little bit and give the team. A little bit of a shot in the arm We'll see what the nationals doing this series. I do like them a little little bit from a series price standpoint although you know with Joe Ross in the first one against Robbie Ray <hes> it's a little bit scary of a situation with how bad Ross's looked so far are probably need the last two games for a series price but I think that's very much doable with Strasbourg and Corbin in those lots of stuff here today on the show asking tripods on twitter Adam bankbook dot com via email if you have any Monday mailbag questions. We'll try to fire that up again after the coming up on Friday. We'll chat with Kristina about this weekend's U._F._C. event. You've missed anything here of late. The football shows a lot of great shelf-life to those so. Please make sure you check them out. I'll do it for me. They know what you're listening to everybody and remember that you'll never strike out when you're in the betters box..

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