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Out more on Good Friday. Oh and our continue to peel is why misconduct saying they claim to head misconduct. So we know unemployment law to speak. Intentional. And it wasn't really busy thing. But anyway, that to the keel hearing that the mice former employer setup, and I doubt they had an attorney and three witnesses. I don't know who they are never heard of their names never worked with them. Then found out that they supposedly sent papers. I have looked through my entire house there. No papers asked the judge. Do I get an attorney count out that they were supposed to let me know that never found that outfits continued. So get down to the techie kind of what I'm asking is. How in the heck am, I don't know? What paper they never told me? Okay. I don't know what the papers are wait. Wait, wait, hold on. So this is unemployment is this what we're talking about. Okay. So will you turn on the job? Right. I was okay. And they conduct and they did they deny. Okay. You want one the first time. Okay. And so do you employ appealed it the employer appealed it came? Got a tiny planes that they sent me a bunch of paperwork. I have no paperwork. People have is the stuff from the unemployment office saying that I've had an appeal. So so now, you have a continuance, and they're supposed to send you this paperwork is that what's going on? What they were supposedly they claim to sent it. And I still don't even know what the paperwork is. Okay. Well, join speakers for my husband here. What's going on? Then. Okay. Sure. Bye. Can have a radio. I'm sure this is I'm not going to have specific advice for you. Because I don't know exactly what transpired here. But they if if they had paperwork that they said, they sent you you should call them. Call the attorneys that who's now on the case and ask and I would do this in Email. I would do it in writing not over the phone and say you heard you referred to certain paperwork that you said that you sent me during the hearing. But the hearing officer present I never received it, and I still have not received it, can you? Please Email it to me immediately. And he can he or she can scan that to you. I it would be maybe a statement from a witness or maybe some correspondents that deals with your termination. Or maybe something from your personnel. File. I mean who knows you can't really prepare for the hearing unless you know what? They have against you. So it's obviously very important that you get this. So you can prepare does that make sense. Oh, yeah. You know, I used to work in result. So that's why this is ridiculous. And I didn't know what I'm supposed to do other than ask for it. Now, would you suggest that I would ask through the unemployment office? I would I would I watch them. No. Because you know, how you're supposed to send in if your your paperwork to the unemployment office, the Hypo thing. Yeah, I just I don't I'm not can't give you really specific advice because I don't know. Exactly why. But say send it to the lawyer. If you wanna see see the hearing officer with it if you have his ear her Email address, just so they know that you're trying to get it. And they might be able to to move this process along and expedite you. Getting the documents. Okay. That's my Jackie. All right. Well, I appreciate you have a wonderful. Okay. Good luck to you. All right. Okay. Let's see we have. I have a texter from eight one five who says which parent can claim the kids on their taxes when there is no wording in the divorce decree about this. This question gets asked quite a bit. Normally speaking you wanna put it in your divorce decree, and normally what happens is if you have one child with the father will get the child one year, the mother will get the deduction the next year, and you'll rotate until the child is Mansa Pated if you have more than one child usually you split them. So you get one child, and he gets the other one if there's nothing in the divorce decree, which is which is too bad. Then basically, you're going to look at the IRS rules the IRS rules. I'm going to paraphrase them. It's basically who which party spends the most time with the child, and if the parents spend equal parenting time, then it's the parent with the highest adjusted gross income, but again, you know, what hap-? A lot is the parents fight about it. And then they both claim and then there's an audit. And then there's a problem. So it's something that really needs to be decided, and it may be that you have to go back to court on it. Hopefully, you don't hopefully, you can reason with your spouse that you should share the deduction, and you should pull out that IRS code and have an accountant say based upon these facts, you should get the deduction every year. If that's the case, we have another text from even five does a partner in a long term relationship have any claim to a portion of an estate if no provisions were made or no will for either. There are two adult children. Not sure I understand the facts, exactly. But what the question is what I'm going to interpret it as is that this person is with a long term relationship, you're in a committed relationship, but you're not married. And maybe the other partner dies is there any claim that you have to the estate and in this case, maybe the partner had two adult children. The answer is no when you're not married to somebody. You have no right to inherit from that person. It's as if that person is a stranger, even if you lived with that person the only way that you could take from that person when they dis if there was a will or trust that specifically gave you property or assets or our benefits. So that's unfortunate. And that's frankly, one of the reasons. Well, there's two there's two lessons here if you choose not to get married, and I understand why a lot of people don't want to get married. I'm not saying that I think that's a better way to live or one way or the other. But I do think that you know, you need to be careful because it a case like this. You might be left high and dry the money might go to the children, probably will if there's no spouse, and you might be left not have. Having the house may be lived in or contributed to during the relationship. Also, you both need to have the state plan. It doesn't matter if you're married it doesn't matter. If you're not married, you should both have an estate plan to make sure that when you die and it could happen. Suddenly, we're seeing people died very suddenly at very young ages. You need to have a plan in place, and inexpensive plan. If you don't know somebody to do it. Call me, I'll try to find you some reasonably priced to do it. I've got a person who I used to refer most of my clients to. I don't do it myself. But you can always Email me in this point. I might as well give you my Email address and my phone number at the office in case, you want a referral to an estate planning or any other lawyer get if I don't do it. Or if I can't handle are give you answer. I'll try to give you my best referral three one two three three two seven eight zero zero or better yet, send me an Email at.

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