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Big Gabriel on he's got a movie out called Mosel you can watch it on your streaming services about the Iraqi perspective of what happened in the fight against ISIS I talk a lot about one of the make up of Iraq things that you don't know that I didn't know the make up of Iran what is the wrong end game here where they want do we really joined forces with the run to take out ISIS did that really happen and if so why and I compared to the motives of mujahedin led by Osama bin laden back in Afghanistan the Soviet Union slash Russia was attacking a country so it's really incredible information because I think we think we know what's happening over there but we really don't know you for a second so great in a great interview make she's the graph that also mark watered the communications director for trump twenty twenty they she's the graph that to reach the front or talking about dogs and if you're a man you wanna get big nice husky dog Kerrey circumvented her family I did not a Wiener dog and it would you this is like a million this is like a mini Wiener dog yes what have you got a sausage don't yeah house walking his dog B. well he is about twelve pounds I think that's the biggest he's going to get because you're feeling too much as a fat hot dog he is not he is not bad no not at all how long the dog would be do you think he's when he stretches out he's incredibly long I can't even tell you the okay many we're dog yes there's nothing wrong with that he's super cute let my dog alone alone read all go to the house you're inviting us over yes well the dog and I got him to the dog to hang out with with your German shepherd pardon me I would like to say to be friends delta we were a couple of days bring your dog forget it I'm like on your house anymore or do what no it is eight eight nine four one pack your bags that come also talking about the lie that Obama didn't take it take out coffee yes you did we talk about so talk about that as well to the full like a lot of people want to be heard on free speech Friday we got we got a lot to get to theirs it there's another professor this one at least we got fired it was like hoping for hard against the president after soul monies that's all have that for you to seconds well middle of a line to me time does halo welcome to could be wrong on who's in Colorado high run what's going on how are you living the dream what's happened well I I wanted to point out that the M. I may be mistaken but you know you're saying that there's all kinds of people out there like your tapper saying that claiming that that we didn't the Obama administration didn't have a hand in in karate death yeah I'm quite certain there's all of video Hillary Clinton bragging about that I believe it was he so when he when he said we came we saw he died and then she starts laughing she's laughing about I do believe you're right about that I do believe you're right about that the idea that that Obama didn't make this move to take out Qaddafi is just a flat out lie he was trying to make the Arab spring happen he was he was backing militant disgusting forces including al Qaeda to start a war in Libya that wasn't necessary in the by product as you already know Ron was that our ambassador and three other Americans died because of the instability in the country that's exactly right exactly right and could I make one other little common please god I really hoping that I will when I was coming in today that I was going to hear you got your profile and Marianne Williamson I haven't gotten there yet I haven't gotten there yet right you're you're anticipating what you know we're going to do I was just about to do it so you so stay tuned my friend it is time because we don't we talk about now there is time it is the time for us to do profile and today we do Marion Williams in because merry Williams it is somebody who would call her a moonbeam or star child's somebody who's out there in outer space which he brought it she's got a lot of traction she got people who are in the nether regions of space who are supporting your candidacy so Kerry what what what no the regions of space were who are these yeah understood exporters out there no okay all right but you but your call will be doing this profile yeah go and play it I want to yeah with her with her youth and well if you okay a child on the planet krypton and what happened was as you start to grow on me at all just let me do it then because it was on the microphone today so the trouble getting help me either yeah do you can't play whatever but those that we talk about a regular doing well because you can play along because I want my dog eat your dogs that we know only because actually hear one of these you know we haven't heard of a profile Williams and I can only profile but you know what the rule listen this is CC regulation I think actually see things I do believe that according to FCC you can only do profiles like this of actual candidates no yeah you have to stop the FCC fine a few months ago but it was something I understand you can't you can't because when I spend at her campaign if you go back to good tone I don't know where she's going to I don't think krypton one million Williamson says she's going to spend her campaign but they also picture of her being suspended in the air like she's a Spender and outer space like hanging from a shuttle or something I don't think about her neck to be just sort of floating out there to other space so so you tell me that she's out she is out yes I actually thought she was a long time ago this is really still is today was another race until now but you clearly out in like outer space hi Susan my affiliate relations a great friend of mine with syndicator is sending me pictures of her stupid little dog can you guys stop away I'm gonna send you pictures too yeah this I'm gonna do is it'll stop it Moesha is nine pounds of fun sure my dog chews his house now tell just like Gerry says we have to kowtow in finding things that to my dog weight if that always nine come I don't is almost ten times the weight of it all there's nothing wrong with men having a little dogs or something I asked governor earlier today would like to have for dinner he said something like I'd like to have some Moesha wow all I'm just not making way to go today don't I get to go home today you have no clue how it is eight eight nine four one pack Joe packed dot com back at it it's going to be Daniel in Montana giggle what's going on I hello Joe thank you for let me on a program okay it's an honor to talk thanks reason I called was you don't always talk about death Obama and the money that they would give in to the Arab country you know the all the time before he ran for president the first time yeah there was a lot of information out there about him possibly being which is route to being a Muslim and I'm just one if that's the reason all that money made it over there because if you want to give it to a Muslim nation to use what we say it and I mean is when I say it president Obama will use present was asked about this he ran saying he was a Christian he said I know I can write absolutely tell you activities and how he behaved that would be less than question in my mind but he said he was a Christian and I took him at his word I don't even want to church much he went to a black theology church were mother Africa was the queen of the king it we would very racist church with Jeremiah Wright all of that's true but to call a Muslim I gotta go there and here's why yes he grow up in Indonesia for part of his childhood yes he was enrolled in a school there in Indonesia as a Muslim his his actual religion was put down is Islam but the name says he's a Christian I have to take him at his word that can judges activities as actions of behavior which I've done so I don't think that he's a a closet Muslim but he certainly this book said that he would stand with Muslims in in a certain time or certain need he a he can say they the recycle morning prayer in Arabic perfectly and he did so gladly to the what good to your time for somebody before he ran for president he somebody went to Saudi that's are you ready to Egypt almost immediately when he was elected and talk about how Islam was basically responsible for every good thing on earth so he surely has an affinity for the for the religion I'll give you that but like I say he's a Muslim that's why he did it I think why he did it was it was a quid pro quo I think he gave that money that one twenty billion in cash I think that he read he owned froze report for the unfreezing a hundred fifty billion other dollars because he really thought he was gonna be able stop Iran from making a nuclear weapon he was wrong he he did what he did was completely calculated incorrectly but I'm not gonna say because I think is a muscle that's something I'm never going to say but I will do what I do is did they give you information wifely duties really has an affinity for people who that makes sense I got you yes No done I appreciate your your insight that's what I do my brother appreciate you over line now in the nine four one tags in the nine four one seven two four seven Joe packed dot com so so there you go look when it comes to Obama I don't have any qualms there's a video the floats around care you may meet may have seen this but a video floating around that actually is so poorly edited like Paul you and I ended audio all the time all the time we're always doing it right and we're actually very good at it can you tell when somebody else to be a piece of your audio badly yeah.

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