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Keep justice the way court if you're willing to let people die on the streets simply because we want to hang onto our stereotypes about drug dependency desk death a profound moral failing this is life of the longer nancy mullane welcome to in studio with our team where we ask questions and get some answers to the law or at least start looking for some answers each month we presented investigative feature report about the law and two weeks later our team eats up in the studios of kqed in san francisco to talk about our investigations and offerings law i'd like to introduce you to our in studio team first brittany bator attorney and chair of life of the laws advisory board good morning nancy happy to be here i saw you abbasa game uc berkeley scholar author and advisory board member pregnancy and tony gannon life at allows laws senior producer and behind the scenes very busy filmmaker good morning ansi good morning to you all i hope you've all had a chance to listen to our most recent investigative report it was called heroin town it was the story of a clinic and dan couvert that is treating heroin addiction with heroin and i'm gonna ask toning to give us a summary of the story thank you nancy um so yeah are episode one zero five heroin town is a story that looks at the heroin opioid epidemic in vancouver canada there's been a huge spike in overdoses and british columbia and this is the trend of that's not just specific to vancouver and british columbia but throughout the united states as well so this is a story about how we treat heroin or opioid addiction and at the at the center of the story in my opinion i think you would agree asks the question what happens when traditional treatment methods just don't work in particular treat methods like methadone and in generally kind of it really goes along ways in highlighting how.

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