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The Broncos have reportedly a narrow their general managers search, inviting Vikings assistant general manager George Patton to Denver for a second interview and holding another interview via Zoom with Saints director of pro scouting Terry Fontinot. Now Mike Klis of nine. News says Patton is the betting favorite right now. But he also added that the Bears director of scouting champ Kelly should not be counted out. In other news. Air force hockey is pausing team activities for the next two weeks due to arrive. Eyes and positive covert cases inside the program. This will cause the Army Syria's this weekend in Long Island Series next weekend to be postponed. Air Force will work with the two schools to find dates to make up those games. Now you can hear more about that decision to pause from Air Force head coach Frank Sarah Torrey himself that's gonna be during the Air Force coaches, Air Force hockey coaches show. Tonight. 7 P.m. Right here on extra sports 1300. Well, the MBA has added additional protocols aimed at controlling the rise of positive covert cases among their teams. One will be to require players to wear masks on the bench, and another is not allowing players or coaches to bring non team guests into their hotel rooms on the road. Four games have been postponed in the last three days, including the Bulls and Celtics game tonight because the teams have not had the minimum. Ate healthy players. Now, speaking of that the Nuggets are missing Michael Porter Jr due to covert protocols. Now that's when they take on the Nets Tonight. Brooklyn will not have the services of Kylie Irving, either. That's due to an absence for unknown reasons. Kevin Durant is expected to play through tip off for that is gonna be 5:30 P.m.. Matt West with your odds, traitor dot com Sports Update and Day Tuesday edition. Rather of drive.

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