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And here in Boston. Cloudy and 59. Degrees at 6 30 for raccoon variant Rabies. Not a problem on Cape Cod hasn't been for years, but his W. B C's Chris farmer reports, the Department of Agriculture is not going to take any chances. The agency plans to aggressively target Barnstable and Plymouth counties have a total of just under 100,000 aural Rabies vaccination baits. We're going out onto the landscape, Bates that will inoculate raccoons once bitten. Nearly 70,000 of them dropped from helicopters and the rest scattered on the ground in areas where raccoons and other carnivals are likely to come across them. Williams Trouble on. There are two different varieties, which looked like lovely one square inch cube and the second it looks like a small ketchup packet. Brian Bjorklund is with the USDA and says the baits are largely considered safe. But should you or your pet come across any of them all the number that is on the base packet and we can document where these basic being Chris Vomit. W B Z Boston's news radio. So have you ever seen a lantern fly state agricultural officials urging residents to keep an eye out? Two dead spotted lantern flies have been found in Milford. And nor would the insects arrived in the state on material shipped from Pennsylvania counties that are under a spotted lantern fly, quarantine. Anyone receiving plants, landscaping materials? Or outdoor furniture. Check for these bugs. They're large gray there about an inch long. They've got black spots Red under wings. If you see one, the state's agricultural department would like to hear from you spotted lantern flies are not known to bite or sting or attack people or pets or livestock. The insect is from Asia and has only been in the United States for the last six years. A memorial service held yesterday for Charles Edward Morton, the 39 year old crew boss with the big bear hotshots who died last week in the San Bernardino Mountains in California fighting the Eldorado fire. Vicky Christiansen is chief of the United States Forest Service. We are very proud. Of Charlie's Honorable service. Of his commitment to the Forest Service. Of his commitment. To our nation. Thousands of firefighters and other emergency officials continue to battle dozens of significant wildfires burning across California. Gusty winds forecast to return to Northern California today and extend through Monday that has the potential to flare up activity on existing fires. As well as threatening rapid growth for any new ones that might ignite. 6 37 tow Wall Street now in business with Bloomberg investors went looking for some bargains on Wall Street and found them in Tech shares that helped send the stock averages one and a third to two and a quarter percent higher. The Dow rose 359, the NASDAQ 241, the S and P. 52. Still, the gains couldn't push the Dow and S and P out of their fourth straight weekly loss. Boeing shares took wing up almost 7% onward. The head of the FAA will pilot the 7 37 Max in a test flight next week. After the bell came word from Dow Jones of a shareholder lawsuit that accuses Boeing's former CEO and company directors of being too distracted by negative news reports about the crashes that prompted the plane's grounding to oversee management's response. Google is setting up some election rules. It'll stop election advertising after the polls close in November to limit fake messages about who won and advertisers will have to wait at least two days for political ads to be approved. In the run up to Election Day. I'm Joan Doniger Bloomberg Business on W. B z Boston's news radio Coming up at 6 45 a final farewell to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader.

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