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Then goes back. What will the Pac 12 do? Because then they would be the only major conference that would not be playing football so Things are crazy as Faras College is concerned as well, by the way, Austin p versus Central Arkansas College football kicks off tomorrow. I know that's not a big game. I'm just simply saying that it does technically kick off tomorrow. Conferences today, and you don't know Austin P. You don't know a conference on Don't you know? I don't know. I only have limited memory. And where Austin P. Plays. Football is not in my bank, Jack. No, I won't. Today's big, huge pole and tons of response. Thanks for all the responses. People are angry. Which rule would you be okay with long term Staying in baseball, D H and the N L is leading right now at 38%. Three batter rule, which you and I both do not like 31%. Runner at second base in extras, 14%. And the first time we've seen this, at least with the giant seventh inning double headers that didn't go well. 17%. So the D. H in the NL leads, and there's always this question. Underneath there's tons of responses. People wondering why pictures can't become good hitters. Because that's true. They were good in Little League and you know they're usually the best athlete. But generally speaking, because you're putting so much time into pitching, you're not putting much time in hitting, and that's why I'd worry about your pitching. Now you're hating Well, The problem is the the nationally is the only league in the world where pictures or these they used to until this year up until 2019. The National League is the only lead in the world. Where pitcher's head they don't hit in either of the two Japanese leagues and Japanese baseball they don't have in Korea. They don't hit in minor league baseball. So they just by time they get to the major leagues. They they don't hit so they lose that skill. And a lot of it is just the money you put into pitching and you don't want them getting hurt. As you mentioned Ryan Vogelsong when he got hit by a pitch. So. So, what is it? D h is the one they've accepted the most right now. The elimination of the looky 23 batter, minimum. Which was a rule they put in. We had nothing to do with the pandemic at all. Is the second most and the runner at second and extras is third in the one they don't like the most is the seventh inning, seven inning D a double headers runner at second is the is the least 17 doubleheader, so 17 doubleheaders at 16%. Runner at second is a 14% for once agree with the people. I like the D. H. And I know people are going to throw rocks at me for that, and I do not like the runner at second next years. You and I talked about this. What yesterday or day before? Uh, Doesn't shorten up games a whole heck of a lot of what they played the other day, 11. Yeah, but that's Jimmy, because you got He had a runner is second in both situations, but it's going quicker. So I really don't know. The one that's coming. I think just because of finances is the D. H and John Miller was on with us yesterday and jam brought up He kind of went the other way. Why do we need the D? H at all? And I think ah The offenses is home run ball and the whole reason the D. H was put in. Was to increase offense that we were coming off. You know, the year the pitcher 1968 and Bob Gibson 112. We are Ray and they lowered the mound from 15 inches to 10, and then they Came up with a American league GH Ron Bloomberg was the first to the Yankees and So John's point was, Why do we even need it? If we're going to do anything? Why don't we adopt National League rules and take away the D H in the American League, and the bottom line is the bottom line. D H is make a lot of money. The Place association would never go. For that at all. So one thing that I when we started this D H thing in the National League I was open to I brought up the concept of Why does it have to be for the picture? What if we change the rule? And allow you to have a designated hitter. For any position on the field where you could still have Madison, Bumgarner and Zack Greinke and a few others. And then you could have really good defense of players. You Elmer Sanchez wanna go glove last year in the American League with white socks? He never was a giant. They let him go from Sacramento last week. Anyone without they said, they let him go. They're clearly going with defense over offense, so in certain situations, Where he got a good bonding pitcher. Why can't they expand the D H rule to be that It does not have to be for the picture, and it could be for any position, So I'm looking for a compromise between the league's but Bill Arnold sent me the beyond column email every Friday, though, if you're on the list, Yeah, but I haven't written this for ever and ever and ever, probably since I've been doing baseball in 1990. I read it every Friday, and it's got a lot of Usually stats and interesting things. But Bill knows the game really well, and he went in his beyond column beyond the game a little bit, and he brought up but kind of a Ah, similar thought. Where maybe we could compromise the D H rule and what Bill Road is magically. Baseball should consider. A nine man batting lineup in both leagues that includes a pitcher Who can be pinch it for and stay in the game..

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