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AP sports subject freedom, the NFL will not have an annual Pro Bowl this year instead the NFL will go to a skills competition for the AFC and NFC players, displaying their football and non football skills, the new event will be named the Pro Bowl games. It'll take place in Vegas in February. The New York Giants have dropped from the unbeaten ranks. They were taking down at home by Dallas 23 16 CC lamb, made a one handed touchdown grabbed a snap of fourth quarter tie. Prior to Ezekiel Elliott's one yard plunge that tied it. They always hold it down for us, you know, when we move in a little slow and I mean, they've been doing it all year. I mean, how many sex they had a day? 5, 6. On the baseball circuit the New York Yankees could have clinched the AL east, but Toronto had other plans, also Aaron judge was sitting on 60 homers coming into the game, John leatherbee reports. Vladimir Guerrero Ginger single to left from home Calvin vigil from second as dorrell's magic number to clinch a wild card spot is now three. For John G finished one for 5 of the night his low hit coming in the first inning, a single to right field. The law snapped the Yankees 7 game winning streak. John leather bit to run. Rice elder threw his first ever complete game, a 6 hit shutout as the Atlanta Braves beat Washington ain't nothing. It means a lot, but I at the same time it's just another win. We were trying to stack the wins on top of each other here and get ready for this weekend and the next three games after that. So when a lot of the braves to move within a game of the NL east leading New York mets, the braves admits with that big weekend showdown beginning on Friday. Baltimore beat Boston 14 to 8 and Pittsburgh beats Cincinnati. Jimmy Johnson is retiring from full-time racing, the 7th time NASCAR champ told the AP. He will focus on family. Johnson says he'll race about ten bucket races a year. Seems like a division one college football coach loses his job each week. Georgia Tech parted ways with Jeff Collins, Collins was ten and 28. He was in his fourth season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be practicing in South Florida this week with hurricane Ian moving over to Florida's West Coast. The Buccaneers will spend the week practicing at the facility of the Miami Dolphins.

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