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No. Now and the other child who had been scanned, but not all she was the end of a street, a small village covered snow cozy storefronts line, the cobbled road and gas street lamps flickered all of them the way, a Concon everyone at the top of the street a giant glowing Christmas tree sat in a large town square and beyond that was a huge castle and in front of holy stood. A large candy cane with a name tag that red Cornelius? The tinseltown. Where it's stopped snowing. Stritch? I'm sorry. My name is Cornelius. What what what kind of decoration are you? I'm not a decoration. Oh, of course, of course. So some sort of toy no. Within woodland creature ugly, ugly dressed L for you. You're not the ham. Are you? I'm holly. I'm eight years old. And I got to skip the fourth grade, and I'm a human what is this place? And of course, the place where it's Christmas every day, but more specifically we are in Tinseltown. My hometown homeless go yet. He's sorry. It's been awhile since he human has come through. I can't quite remember the protocol. That's okay. Well, it was really nice to meet you Cornelius. But I really gotta go home. All right. We'll just wait until it starts snowing in the way, and you can go through and how long does that take because it's not snowing in there now. Well, honestly, it's. It's never stopped before. So. Be good lucky for us. I've watched a lot of videos about fixing things. So shouldn't be too hard. I just watched one about fixing our washing machines. Find the now shut off the water. Okay. I don't think that's going to help us here. They stood for a moment. Confused, the archway towered over them made of bricks of glowing ice like the box in the attic. It was old and worn but still sparkled in the daylight before too long, a small grow cheesy. Looking ills wearing a sweater covered. In music notes came huffing puffing down the streets meeting of this. I was just in rehearsal with the snowman choir. When one of them tells me to look out the window because the archway isn't working Cornelius. I got you this job out of the goodness of my heart. Don't tell me that you already found subway of ruining it. Conductor? Holy the. Human a human. How what you man, are you not a resident of Christmas land. You cannot be here. Oh, this is bad. But luckily addition to being the choir conductor. I also, volunteer joy and peace keeper. What? Ignored sake. It's like a sheriff. Well, maybe you should just say share from now on so it's not so confusing. Stop trying to distract me as a joy, and peace keeper, I m taking both of you in for questioning, I told you I don't know what's going on here. Hersal twins. What's happening here? Oh, yeah. There. Right quick. They keep cutting into our practice time with their figure skating. It's not cool. The queen's coming show what to do. No, absolutely not I can deal with this on my own. I command you to come with me. Let them away from the archly to the next street. Movie set reindeer stroke from shop. Shop loaded down with shopping. There were Christmas lights on.

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