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Yeah i'm cool with that. You are go with this. Ak you know where i'm going with this. I'm going with montage. Quick jackson and first off the tip of the old cap. I don't have hat on now. But i'm gonna put one on do it and i'm tipping right now to jp confirmed that he did just do that. Does not radio magic. It's true actually. Yeah i'm looking at right. I pledge looked. It just happened to have a hat to the right of me on the line and red sox hat shock. I as someone investors you legally have to have one of those within arm's reach at all times so for this is true hat tip to jp bays. The man is a gamer. He had some moments. Early jackson state composed says he typically does he composed all the time. Just listen to man in any interview. He same demeanor all the time and then he just blasts his way to a unanimous decision. Win breaking a bantamweight record four knockdowns in the fight. I kind of thought the fight should have been stopped after the fourth knockdown like enough is enough. Let it go. Jp base still super tough monsalve. Jackson i've been saying this for years. He's a problem since he was on the regional. Seen i said this guy could fight for a ufc title. The potentials there and he's only going to get better. I'm ready to step up in competition. I wanna see face somebody. Just outside of the top. Fifteen my wildcard pica's mantell jackson versus cody. Stayman ak. let's give him that fight. I want to see if he could take that next step forward. I'm sure he learned a lot from the brett. John's fight cody's tough out. I think montella's that. Could i think he's that good. And if his mind is right if he can get himself where he needs to be mentally. I think he'd be cody statement. I think he'd beat a lot of guys in the top fifteen but it's it's on him. It's on him. He didn't show up for the brett. John's fight bretton. No take anything away from brett. He had a great performance. He shot mantell down. But you could tell mantell. Maybe the moment is all too much for them. We gotta get him to a point where he's gotta take these moments and see what he can do with them. I think now is the time. Let's get him in there with a guy. Like cody stayman. A guy with the name guy been in the top ten. And let's see what happens. That's perfect sarokin. Iago's level Matchmaking mike i i that's where statement is and this is not steam again is a guy who could end up. He's one of those guys who's gonna surprise us one day when you see like he has like twenty. Ufc fights and yeah maybe has never been. It's not a ton guy pushes the super tough test for everyone who wants to break into that top of the top twenty top ten so he..

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