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New poll out on president trump and the phone call he held with Ukraine's president discussing an investigation into Joe Biden and his son a White House summary of that call tracking close to a whistle blowers complaint here's ABC's trucks the person well nearly two out of three call president trump urging a foreign leader to investigate a political rival in his family a serious problem only seventeen percent say they were surprised by it in a new ABC news Ipsos poll conducted Friday and Saturday nine out of ten Democrats call the phone call a very or somewhat serious problem compared to thirty two percent of Republicans thirty seven percent of Republican saying it's not serious at all forty one percent of independents call it very serious five hundred for adults surveyed numbers could be off nearly five percent plus or minus we're now getting a clearer picture of a possible impeachment timeline ABC's David Wright is at the White House clock is ticking for both sides with the twenty twenty primaries due to start in January some Democrats say they hope to reading the articles of impeachment by thanksgiving and send them to the full house before Christmas that's why even though Congress has just started a two week recess the house intelligence committee will hear Friday from the inspector general who escalated the initial whistle blower complaint as a matter of urgent concern pro democracy protests going on for months now erupting again in Hong Kong today right please confronted demonstrators at the causeway bay shopping district in the off to noon helicopters buzzed overhead as protesters took cover under umbrellas an increasing number of middle aged people were reported to have attended out of concern over the safety of young protest as in the crowd getting court in violence Hong Kong is bracing for days of clashes ahead of the seventieth anniversary of Communist Party rule in China that falls on Tuesday October the first ABC's joy McFarland you're listening to ABC news. ever wonder why here and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK news ninety three point one K. F.. local news breaking news traffic and weather BG Sacramento and key and we can get them Pollock pines. the.

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