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Democrats are more focused on stopping the president. Then they are helping the country. He's will one person in the room that trying to find compromise or the Democrats will not move at all I'm thankful. The president's calling us back again because this president wants to find common ground watch. What he has said he's moved from a concrete barrier to make sure that they had slaps. He's talked about other elements that the Democrats talked about in those meetings every democrat will say therefore border security. So then I asked the question. Well, what's your definition of border security? If you see her favor of it and vote against it. Most pacific. I boys. You heard was congressman Jim Jordan was on Fox News tonight. And then you heard the house minority leader Kevin McCarthy on Hannity last night. You say you're in favor of border security pleased to find terms because at least on the face of it. It would not assume that you're doing. So by the way, this Email in from John Bruce government workers can buy private unemployment insurance. Like anybody else candidate want as far as no they're not at protected species on that again? I feel this is important to say on a repeated basis. Those individuals who are working right now, presuming they're going to be paid should be paid. They understand the layoffs can happen from time to time. I don't know where they Bank, but my banks posted on all over the place. They're going to help out make sure that people stay current with everything. The congress has already voted once this is all over that. They will get their back pay as far as those people who are not working. If you're legally unable to get a second job. And you choose not to drive lift or. Uber. I don't wanna seem hard hearted. But this is a choice. One makes when you go into government service. There's the possibility of a furlough, and you have to accept that is part of the terms of employment. If you go to work for a company and the private industry. There's always the possibility of a layoff or dismissal or some other kind. And if you're laid off, and they bring it back and six months because they have work. You don't get paid for the previous six months. Yeah. You simply go back to work. If you accept that that is the term of employment. And so while on a human level, I'm sorry is happening to those individuals. But perhaps there's a different career path. They might choose to take it this point. Now's a good time to do it. Liz. Will you have around seven million more jobs available? Then you have people who were were looking for jobs right now is a real good time to make the decision. You know, what you're gonna work has been fine. But I don't wanna face another furlough. I'll find something else to do you have skills. Go find something else. Am I wrong on this? And my then earning. Well, so that's the issue. I actually tried to interview with the unions last year thinking that it would be no posterity meet up with the AFL CEO. And some of them are representing federal workers jerk, and you know, even big honcho himself in FDR didn't want unionism for federal workers because that's taxpayer dollars. It's almost as if they forget that there's not that entitlement that they assume they have that is the risk you take when you work for any sort of public service environment that you're serving the public, and this these jobs weather, however, many how many did you save thousand eight hundred thousand impacted by this some working without pays some not working, right? You know, that's the that's the issue that it's it's it's grown so large. But they also are using that opportunity to serve the public was Matori. Former? A candidate for congress with us right now. By the way, it's interesting to note that Nina Mangione is your delegate he is. And I wanted to give him a shout-out. Congratulations. Is this your first day? Very cool. We're very proud of you and represent us. Well, back to the phones we go Howard is in his car. Howard. Good morning. One hour you I'm well. Thank you. Good. I just wanted to thank the president for becoming of mental illness.

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