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To the convention center that day and buses a free, of course, buses all right across the street. You can write the the city bus. So access to censor. Also, any businesses looking for exposure, nonprofits, who are nonprofits. Right. We got to technology section. I'm looking at putting together the seminar series, which I'll talk about as we get closer to the event. But basically if a business is hiring. This is your biggest opportunity to get face to face with job seekers of all ages. Los Alamos National labs will be there. They, of course of many positions open Santa Fe chamber dot com is a banner right on the homepage to sign up for the business expo jobs there Thursday, April the eighteenth. You got it. I would come by. But we'll be doing that show that day at United world college up in Montezuma. No kidding. Okay. And then the next day at the the soon to be open Castenada hotel. In Las Vegas show on the road. Taking my show take my act on the road, man. I like that. All right. What else is going on? Well, we've got a networking event next week, which is business after hours. We will be the food depot on March. The twenty eighth at the Thursday starts at five thirty then the next breakfast is business over breakfast, April fifth at Kingston residents and one of the things I was going to mention oh, the leadership Santa Fe graduate should that. They will graduate may seventh Santa Fe country club. Congratulations to those folks. One more session to go. And then it's their graduation companies. The time goes by so fast. And then how soon before you started taking applications for the next one the application processes already open at closes in September. But get in early. If you're interested in this is only once a year. Right. Kind of kick. It all off in what August-September something like that September October September end of September the first session, but that'd be an orientation before that so apply. Now, you got it you want to get in it as well worth dot org. All right, Simon Brackley Santa Fe chamber of commerce. He's heading out now to play some golf. I'm gonna listen to Senator worth and you have a talk about the session..

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