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Fauci on March 8. What is your reaction to what? To the advice he gave us back then. Well, look at it. It's hard to know if he's talking about walking around outside is wherever you go when you leave your house, Okay. In all fairness, things do change and in medicine. When we get more information, we do sometimes change our opinions. As I said, before, I can't fault him on that one. I knew later that he said he didn't want people to go ahead and use protective equipment that hospital people should use. But I don't know if Dr found she was talking about being outside or being indoors. That's a big distinction. So I'm going to cut him some slack on that and on top of it as we learn more about this disease and the infectivity We sometimes do change your opinion, so I know I know that what he said, and I know sometimes he said that maybe I shouldn't have said that. But in all fairness, I mean, it was a very tough call it okay? Let me ask you about this. Then What about this letter that was signed by over 1000 public health experts, including Dr Abby Hussein, who is an infectious disease, fellow. At the University of Washington on the letter basically said, Yeah, you know what it would be a great idea to go out to the street protests. It's healthy for the country. Quote white supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predate and contributes to covert. 19 black people are twice as likely to be killed by the police compared to white people, But the effects of racism are far more persuasive, pervasive end of quote. Till the letter essentially said. It's OK to go to the streets in protest, after all, because we got to deal with all this systemic racism that's plaguing black people. Well, look it I mean it all look at why did New York get hit so bad? Because it's the density of people. Whenever you're in a dense population, it's a bad idea. Inside or outside is distance. And the time you're in contact with the person so I think that all that protest Ng outside was not a good idea, And there's no question some of it had contributed to the increased number of cases amongst other things as well. But certainly if you're densely populated, being inside or outside, you may increase the spread of this thing. Because this is very infectious is more infectious than the other Corona viruses that have been happening. Okay. Okay, one more time. Dr Abby Hussein says this quote. We think that racism and oppression is a public health issue. End of quote. Tell me this is B s. Well, I don't believe that looking maybe infected but not in the way that I learned it in medical. OK, alright. But Patricia is in San Francisco. Petition your on with Dr Strom and Larry. Hello. I have a question based on a comment that a nurse maid I'm in San Francisco Bay Area, a graduation party she was wondering during past flu seasons. I know. I know This is different. But if we were testing everybody to see which people are asymptomatic for whatever the current version of that Who was You know, we had all that data would be similar. Would it be close Would it be? I mean, I just wanted to get your perspective on that. Right? I mean, and I've talked about this on the show before. So the seasonal flu killed about 62 65,000 people's okay. The thing is that we have a flu vaccine, and it wasn't as scary as a novel Corona virus like this. So if you tested everybody, the number's probably would have been high as well. But nobody didn't really didn't care about it because there was a vaccination. And even though the vaccination only prevents it about 60% of the cases, it was a sense of security and nobody really dies of the flu. Quote unquote, but we know differently. People do. This is more infectious, Patricia. So ah, It's a very good question, and you're thinking about it, and you're thinking about it correctly. But the fact is, we did have a vaccination. So nobody had the fear that they do about this Corona virus. Tammy is in Ohio. Tammy, you're on with Dr Strom and Larry. Hi. Thanks for taking my call. Well, I was just wondering Last week, our governor DeWine had a go on mandatory mask for 11 counties and then a few days later, he added another county, Claremont County. Now they only had nine more cases in two weeks, but he went ahead and made that county mandatory. Now what I've been hearing we have a local news radio guy and hey, said that our governor is lying to us about the numbers, and he said that we could check it out on Ohio State news Now I haven't had a chance to do that. But I do know that a lady in my community was telling me the other day that her mom and her mother in law and another friend went to a head registered to go be tested for the virus while the line was really long, so they left in a few days later, they get a notice in the mail that they I had the virus, but they had never been tested and also what? What we're being told is that if you test positive for it, they will. You know, test your second time and they could test you 2 to 4 times after that, And each time they test you, they put it down as a new case. And a gentleman there called in and said he went to the VA hospital here, and when he left, he checked his paperwork, and they had put him down as having the virus. And he went back and demand that they take that off, and they wouldn't do that. And also they were saying this radio hosts was saying that a friend of Hiss went to see a doctor who was with try hell, and he disclosed to him that Tri house was told that they would they had list everybody as Having the virus because they got 35 to $3900 somewhere around that amount. Okay. Okay. Tammy Tammy. We're running out of time, and we have a few seconds left with Dr Cary Strong doctor strongly have about 30 seconds to respond to what she said. I'm assuming she's saying that there's a lot of stuff is unreliable. Well, yes, statistics can be unreliable. I cannot believe a health care professionals writing a diagnosis down that doesn't exist. That bothers me. I've never seen that in 30 some years of practicing medicine, so I mean, people change stories when people come here, something from a doctor. It sort of changes so much, So I don't believe somebody wrote that wrong. I think there's a misinterpretation here, but I agree with you statistics can sometimes they're not reliable. Dr Strong We're going to leave it there. Thank you as always so much for taking the time. It's a pleasure. Thank you, Larry. You got it. Yvonne, California Both my husband and I are in our seventies and are so grateful to have found relief actor. We've tried so many other solutions, but none of them have given us the freedom and relief. That really factor has what about you? Three with quick starting only $19.95. It could be at your door in just a couple of days. Over 70% of the people who ordered the three. We quick start Go on. To order more doesn't happen less. It works relief factor dot com Relief factor dot com 805 183 84. 805 183 84. Stuck in traffic. We've got the answer. Thiss report is sponsored by mattress firm Temperance is going south on one on one just before third.

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