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They did it. It's over over this series is over. The wait is over. Saint Louis blues are the Stanley Cup champions. I. History. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence. One of the coolest moments in sports in two thousand nineteen and we're just halfway through the year. I know it's going to survive. Awesome victory by the Saint Louis blows. It was a game seven Stanley Cup final in Boston. But one of the things that I appreciate it. So much was the team's willingness to include eleven year old Layla Anderson, who is just an awesome, little girl who has fighting a very rare autoimmune disease, but loves loves loves her blues, and so her relationship with the team, especially Colton Perico. She was there on the ice with the Stanley Cup the videos, went viral course the victory parade even in the rain this little girl has the most I can't mile just incredible ability that sports have to heal and offer hope and at the same time you could understand the inspiration that the players themselves draw from this little girl who is fighting with all she's got. To be able to get healthy again. Chris Kerber with the call on the blues radio network. It was a different eleven year old who I think brought most of the audience to tears when the NHL awards were handed.

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