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Joe biden was at rutgers recently posed in for self eased with rutgers university students is after speech that he gave in the campus jim and a little little secret slip bow while he was there he said that he was approached by swollen officials looking to see if he would come back and delivered the commencement address now joe biden comes to rutgers and students are going crazy clamoring for cell fees and pictures and talking to him if mike pence came the he'd be sitting probably in a room all by himself frank abidin told undergraduates who are waiting to take photos with him that he was unsure if he could commit to the ceremony which will happen on may 13th of 2018 a rutgers officials confirming that bite and had been invited to speak at the commencement and they're just waiting for his answer thrilled to welcome former vice he didn't joseph biden to rutgers new brunswick last week to rally students around the it's on us campaign aimed at ending sexual assault on on college campuses we have asked him if he would consider returning to serve as commencement speaker of the rutgers university commencement in may and would be honoured if he accepts a rutgers will normally wait until leah usually february your later so usually after the board votes to confirm the speaker very rarely do they say if someone was asked what turned down an offer to speak out almost never happens the biden camper not saying anything we don't have anything to announce on the vice president's schedule at the moment should he speak biden will follow hello is all boss president barack obama who headline rutgers 2016 commencement in celebration of the university's two hundred fifty th birthday steve van zandt you know him right below steven from the eu street band keynote speaker at the 2017 ceremony previous year's bill nye the science guy former governor tom kaine author tony morrison the pay for the commencement speaker 35000 dollar honorarium as some including president obama have turned down the money and you normally get like a doctorate or something you become a doctor of something just for for doing the speech there but this is we'll see if this going to happen with joe biden he's doing a book tour also and.

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