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Bloomberg news financial reporter and flabby as likely to win confirmation by the Republican controlled Senate Bill that process could take months coming up on Bloomberg politics policy power in law. T Mobile's CEO is a suring lawmakers that his company will not use it quit -ment from. While way technologies after buying sprint. If that deal goes forward. This is Bloomberg. This is a Bloomberg market minute you and stunts rally is fading a bit. After Senator Marco Rubio announced a Bill to tax buybacks equal footing with dividends. The Dow Jones industrial average up seventy seven points to twenty five thousand five O four s and p five hundred up six points. The NASDAQ climbing eleven was Texas intermediate crude is up two percent at fifty four thirty two barrel. Tame inflation is given Americans more buying power to the Sumer. Prices key measure of inflation was little changed in January as lower gas. Prices offset the rising cost of housing, clothing and medical care. The consumer price index rose just two tenths of a percent and Federal Reserve to Jay Powell says there is low risk of a recession and the US. He adds the economy is strong. But that the benefits haven't been felt evenly across America. Donna Wilson Bloomberg. Radio. Adopt US kids presents to expecting expecting a teenager learning. The lingo goat G O, AT T acronym. Stands for greatest of all time as in spaghetti sandwiches for dinner. There. My dad go.

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