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Google bring them up so they're called top hat the called ray for this airmax one adamus animal atm l s animal johnny depp when he was younger i was at a funeral memorial and johnny depp is there made a speech he was he was in a top hat and those so awesome well those are good if you want to blend in with a bunch of cheetahs but say they didn't stop at the tiger they go let's tiger on top leopard on the bottom i can see the designer's going on that would be so dope zebra leopard tiger yeah that's a lot that's a law going on gives me a seizure if i started to go into a seizure very strange right bring up johnny depp when he was younger and some of the clothing heated where we'll now he just looks like jack's peril now he looks general in seeing i'm sure hanging onto this we'll know we made that for the pirate in the fucking fourteen hundreds or he'll just you onto young beautiful man when he was young i mean real cool a cool kid we stay pretty standard i mean skinny and small it's good guy now he's dressing on jesus chris just in weirder than ever though back then he's all right yeah jared leto gucci make y'all where does match they sent him disclosing where letters actually the one he's the one he does some ship interesting things i heard of i used to have a judgment on him i heard him fucking on in an interview i was really impressed with him he's a very impressive guy in a lot of ways you got to give it up to the active.

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