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And downtown Seattle Tacoma News time. 6 36. Well until the bitter end. Believers of the Cuban on conspiracy thought that somehow President Trump would retain power and Joe Biden would not be inaugurated. But as we witness that, of course, didn't happen. So what happens now to that extreme ideology? Reporting on this for The Washington Post, Craig Timberg talks more with Cuomo's Taylor van size for listeners who might not know or be as steeped in what Cuban on believes. The followers firmly believe that Democrats worship Satan. They eat Children and that Donald Trump was the only person who could bring salvation to the United States. We saw countless que flags and symbols when the U. S Capitol building was stormed. What's the status of their movement? If you could call it that, What's the status of their movement today? You know, it never was a movement in the sense that you know the Democratic Party. My thinkable already. I mean, there's no central organization. There's no membership cards. And so we're left to judge based on what surface is really on social media, and on January 6, they surfaced in person on the capital. It's hard to know if there's if there's just like a big, loud, hard core to the to it, and then a bunch of other people who just sort of loosely following along whether it's bigger and stronger than that. It's very hard to know. Trust. The plan is one of their rallying cries online. Do some followers still believe this is part of the plan. They absolutely seemed to. Yes, there was a lot of talk yesterday. You know when? When President Trump left from Andrews Air Force Base Base, you know, there were 17 flags flying and the 17 is is is, you know Q Is the 17th center in the alphabets there A lot of chatter about That was, you know, a symbol and there was a lot of effort to kind of continue the fantasy that Trump was somehow going to either personally triumph or sort of orchestrate some sort of Triumph Now that Biden's president, thank you and I'm certainly not, you know, mainstream. There aren't like you mentioned there isn't leadership pyramid or anything like that. But there are people making money on the flags that are being sold their people moderating the forums where all of this chatter is taking place. What are those people doing now? Yeah, it's a great question. I mean, there's always been a kind of monitor station aspect of this. As with almost everything online, right T shirts and books and you name it survivalist gear, So I assume those folks gonna continue trying to make money as long as they can. You know, in terms of the moderators will have to kind of wait and see on how many of those sites state really active. You know, One of the questions were wondering about is, you know to conspiracy theories still have the same purchase on the American mind when you don't have a conspiracy theorist in the White House any longer. And for those who keep tabs on groups like you and on I was left wondering, Is this gonna be a relief for him? You know that Cuban on might be fizzling or could something you know more bizarre, more dangerous spin out of it. You know that one. The thinking at the moment Among the sort of research community is Q and on is almost certainly going to become a smaller movement. Uh, but they were. You could become a more sort of radicalized Marilyn movement. You know, if you if you share away the people who are loosely affiliated for whom it's merely a hobby, and you're left with the people who still believe that Donald Trump is secretly in control. It's a group that if they keep talking to each other, and there aren't any sort of moderating voices they could It actually become more radical could potentially even become more violent. Kind of an echo chamber. Sort of situation. Craig Timberg with us on Common, uses a technology reporter for The Washington Post. And you could read all of his coverage about skewing on and everything else in the world Technology Online at Washington Post Calm, Craig. Thank you. Thank you. That's cool. Most Taylor Band size All right, let's move on to sports, the coops and Utes ready for round ball on the loose. Here's Come was Bill Swartz at the Beacon Plumbing Sports Desk. Washington State University men have a decent for 1/9 season going for them like tonight's opponent, Utah. They have only two victories in Pac 12 play. The University of Washington Women's basketball team has covert issues in the program enough to postpone tomorrow night's game at Oregon State. Now they will reschedule that game against the Beavers to next Tuesday. Larry Scott's tenure is Pac 12 commissioner ends in June. University presidents and chancellors decide they need a new direction at the conference of Champions. Both Ana Mari Ko se of Washington and Washington state's Kirk Schulz around the search committee. They want somebody to return the Pac 12 the national Prominence Soccernews of Plenty. Seattle Sounders forward Jordan Morris is in Wales for a physical exam expected be loaned to Swansea City for six months. Rave Green is bringing back Brazilian midfielder Shall Pollo for the 2021 season. And a couple of Washington Huskies have been selected in today's Major league soccer Super Draft defenders. Ethan, but load a Houston dynamo, while Austin FC takes Freddie Kleeman Sports a 10 and 40. After the hour bill Sports Come on, is coming up on coma over it. Have you stressed out? I'm Brian Calvert, with one of the top ways North Westerners are coping, and it just might work for you. Truly diversified portfolio needs more than stocks, bonds and.

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