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Are reports this morning that P. Jeannie officials say they do not need government Newsome's approval for their restructuring proposal now Newsome had ordered P. Jeannie to submit a new proposal to him by tonight Mike in Katy will have much more on this coming up in the afternoon news so we have a birthday a bird in the houses that it would be Mister Brian nobles traffic yeah been on Facebook having no today you didn't stay home and sleep band man I will celebrate Friday night okay yeah this report is right by Mercedes Benz of Stockton eighty from Roseville at the limit nine minutes to the cap cities but another thirteen on the cap city freeway gets into downtown got a little heavy traffic still lingering just as you approach the American river but it's just about gone thirteen minutes get the informality wrote on either five or ninety nine fifty looks good all the way in from fulsome an eighteen minute drive there still that'll slowing on south on I five coming from woodland but not until you get to I. eighty in your bag limit by the time you get past the garden highway it all with Linda downtown twenty two minutes sixteen minutes in from Davis you spend eighty across the causeway the Mercedes Benz winter event he's on get your new S. U. V. from Mercedes Benz of Stockton with incredible lease offer starting at just three oh nine a month Mercedes Benz of Stockton just off I. five eight mile road exit or M. B. of Stockton dot com traffic on the tense every ten minutes mornings and afternoons right nobles news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. twelve that a few sunny breaks today high fifty three to fifty seven classic tonight look for a couple of showers after midnight the thirty eight to forty two cloudy tomorrow with a couple of showers I fifty.

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