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Money I'm Dr Sanjay Gupta helping you live a better life. morning show with Brian says with NTT green on talk radio five sixty KSFO all right I got to point out I was wrong I was wrong I tell you AFP is not Aftenposten. AFP is agency France Presse okay both foreign news agencies but I just want to point that out for media matters goes and put something on their files and he was so wrong. well look at you being all thorough well I. a point that out I always want to make sure that I'm giving proper information here yeah otherwise yeah they will media matters earlier I have a couple of a couple of those in their brains got a stack so thick. media matters of course. mind that the one they have on me that I've read please stack I think it's still in there is I was. talk I was a hosting a nationally syndicated talk show it's still longer and his ex in existence and I was mentioning is right after hurricane Katrina. and I was talking about the people who stayed behind after when hurricane Katrina hit afterwards even though they were told to evacuate knuckle to knuckle heads. media matters did like that so they put a big thing he called them knuckle heads wow you really really scared that I now how about that Hey I see double toothpicks darn. yeah Jeez. I'm sorry Katie you're going to say no I was just gonna ask you a question yes in honor of today. yes why can't you trust tacos. I don't know they tend to spill the beans ouch. it is national taco day let's get on that as I said the top holy guacamole everybody. if you go to Jack in the box today. and the center for the Jack in the box he club you'll get set up with two free tacos when you make a purchase on taco day nice can you really call those tacos. now I don't know what their of their good they are yes but they are for you but they're good yeah I don't want to see the ingredients list you know have you tried to tried to Burger King Taco. know that I have an observation about all these things will get well I will get to that because you think you think about the Burger King Burger King as tacos we have. Pizza Hut making cheese it route ravioli pizzas yes we have mac Donald's doing the impossible burger and we have KFC going chicken let's check in yeah the impossible chicken all this started happening after they legalized marijuana. they got the munchies. they're all just stoned and coming up with these ideas. cable at some tacos. I drove past a local Burger King the other day and and Burger King tacos are. dollar piece. you know like I think Jack in the box exactly back still too for a Buck I believe so yeah burger kings or one for a Buck okay and the sign in the Burger King as I drove by says six tacos for six dollars. what really and again for the people who were stoned I think they meant to put five dollars but they put six black well. they're smoking. all rights a taco John's today you have a taco John's near you in with people all over the country listening to us all over the world basically this is still the most stream local morning show in the U. S.. is that true absolutely all right okay so you go past your local taco John's I get a free crispy beef taco reviews the taco John's reward at taco John's by the way the owner of the copyright of the phrase taco Tuesday. Rubio's coastal grill by a beverage you getting any talk on the menu for free okay yeah contato tacos and again some of these places I'm not familiar with but people across the country probably now get a free taco with any purchase to celebrate this glorious. national taco day one who fish tacos buy one get one taco time.

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