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The following program. Sponsored by the national prayer chapel. Would you love to tell you what I think of cheese? Since I found Huma friend, so strong and. I would tell you AVI, seems my life come. Some that. No other for. No one, man. Nobody cares foaming. Like. Ted. Documents. Homma chee. Mirer life was. When Jesus smile. My heart. News cheese. Play the strong. Law the friends straw. Months? Every day comes to me with. I understand is a word. Just. Sunday. Trey summer. Care for me like cheese. There's new friend so car. Noah mills. Doc. Four. Here's the problem. All of scripture tells us. How fabulous the love of goddess. That he loves us with unending love. That his love has been poured out for us. And we all know this. Then why is there such worldly it worldliness among us wiser such a lack of the real presence of God? Why when we pray our prayers not answered. It's very few men or women that I know that can go into the prayer closet and touch the throne of God and see a change in the physical realm.

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