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The morning after we parted ways was Mark. Richt retiring at Miami. Manny Diaz coming back and taking over. Why didn't Mark Rick communicates many or the Miami athletic department that he was considering stepping down? They're lucky the DS comeback after taking the temple job kind of handled. Poorly thoughts, it is kind of crazy that cost them four million dollars to buy out a coach who had been working for them like three days before that of the ball game. Yeah. Even one of the details. I'd heard is one of the assistant coach on the offensive side of the ball had been pursued by another power five program within their own conference. And from my understanding, Rick, Ted communicated. Hey, we want you here. Everything's gonna be fine. And then there was a one eighty and obviously everything wasn't fine. Mark richt was was was stepping down from my understanding. Thing. A lot of the pressure on this came from richt being pushed to part ways with his quarterback coach and it's quarterback. Coach's son John and that wasn't something. He was going to do. And this is the upshot. I think they were fortunate that many D as did want to come back for this job. And it'll be interesting to see how he does there. I mean, he what he did with the defense was by far the best thing about the Mark richt era at UM my point for Margaret in big picture wise is even if he didn't. And I, you know, it's funny you, and I had this conversation probably a month ago where we talked about was this is good as UM was going to get under Mark richt. And that was my feeling it wasn't going to get any better than it was last year. When at one point they were in their number two in the country, and they for in the top ten for awhile, but they had a really down year this year. The one thing you cannot take away from them, which I think only maybe Miami fans. Or Miami people have real appreciation for is. Mark Rick brought in a ton of money financially to that program in that department, which was really needed and required. And so whether he got them back in the top ten consistently or not he had really profound impact on UM. And I think it was important what he did. And he set the stage. I think Manny Diaz has a chance we'll see what he can do. But Mark Rick brought them into the twenty first century, facilities wise, and resource wise, and that is no small feed. Well, I think we should wrap up for today. I know you've got a lot of sites to see here in downtown, San Jose. It is a pretty setting. I just it's just going to be kind of surreal to watch college football fans takeover. Maybe not take over and downtown that is really this is one of those nine to five Monday to Friday, kind of downtown's. There's not a lot going on the weekends usually here. So but not this weekend, Alabama. Clemson fans here we come. If you happen to be listening to this in time Bersin, I and you're here verse and I will be appearing at the playoff fan central the fan fest at the convention center at two pm on Saturday. So come by. We'll talk a little bit. You can say, hi, we'll talk football, and we'll have fun snacks from the media hospitality room to Endo. Are you gonna be signing copies of your book? Only if they bring it. I didn't bring any copies. I may find Ritz bits and whatever else rang a copy of one of BRUCE'S books, and he'll sign it for you. All right. We'll see you next time. If you haven't done so already please subscribe to the audible on apple podcasts who will play Spotify. Wherever you get your podcast. Leave us a five star review while you're at it. It helps get the word out. Thanks to trader Joe's for being are presenting sponsor, our producer is Nick Fink. Our theme song is dangerous by Kevin in the octave. You can download their music on itunes and Spotify. Follow me stew at S. L Mandel on Twitter. Bruce at Bruce, Feldman, CFP and subscribe to the ethics. We haven't done. So all ready. You can try it for free seven-day free trial at dot com slash retrial. Plays.

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