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Against the pandemic from Kalamazoo, Michigan. This morning workers at the size or planted cheering as the last boxes of Corona virus vaccine vials were taken by CART out of the facility. CDC director also giving the final go ahead for the newly FDA approved vaccine at a dozens of responses to our open mic feature all of our listeners so far, telling us they'll take the vaccine once it becomes available to them. I was in the trial and didn't receive the actual vaccine. Mean and so I would say everyone should get it. It was no big deal. Definitely getting the Koven vaccine. If you don't What's the point of 2021? We want to know your plans. Will you be taking the Corona virus vaccine what it's available and why or why not tell us what you think, using the Open mic feature on the WSB radio app. First dose is expected to be administered tomorrow to those in the highest priority groups. Forsyth County schools announcing the district will move high school classes online for the rest of 2020 due to a rise in positive coronavirus cases. Face to face instruction will resume January. 6th. Same goes for three high schools in Cherokee County, River Ridge, Sequoia and Woodstock high schools. The election result here in Georgia will stand after the high court here in our state rejects an appeal of the lawsuit filed by lawyers for President Trump. This is yet another setback for the president, Georgia Supreme Court rejecting the appeal, which looked to overturn the election results here in Georgia. Now, the lawsuit claims thousands of people voted here illegally. This comes after the Supreme Court votes seven to Friday night not to take up the Texas election lawsuit. President telling Fox and friends No judge has had the courage including the.

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